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Nini, Guinea Pig Slave
Category: Pet
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Experience:  I have been raising guinea pigs for several years now and currently have four lovely boys.
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my guinea pig is acting strange. recently he has started ...

Customer Question

my guinea pig is acting strange. recently he has started leaning to one side with his head tilted. he is also walking in circles alot. also i just bought him maybe 6 weeks ago and he wasn't really comfortable with the family and would still run from us if we tried to pick him up. now he will chase my daughters feet and try to bite their ankles. he's also grinding his teeth alot and twitches his head around. any ideas?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Nini replied 10 years ago.
Your guinea pig might have an ear infection, the head tilting is a symptom of such an infection. A vet will be able to help you further with this, and might prescribe an antibiotic. Make sure that the vet is familiar with guinea pigs as not all vets are. As for running away when picked up, that is usually normal guinea pig behavior. Teeth grinding is one of their mannerisms as well, get wooden chew toys as a guinea pig's teeth keeps on growing. As for the twitching, I am not quite sure, unless you are referring to another mannerism called "popcorning" which kinda looks like they are having a seisure, but it is just bursts of energy that they need to release. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. I hope your guinea pig gets better soon!