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can someone help me with a few pet questions please.

Customer Question

Rubber-tipped forceps can be used to

A. restrain a gerbil for venipuncture.
B. transport a rabbit to another cage.
C. transport a gerbil to another cage D.restrain a rabbit for venipuncture
For minor technical procedures, sheep are best restrained by

A. tilting them onto their rump.
B. applying a shepherd's crook to the rear leg.
C. being pushed up against a barrier.
D. being cross-tied in stocks.

A _______ has a loop at one end tied with a slip knot and is used to help restrain a captured pig's head.

A. V-trough
B. hobble
C. snubbing rope
D. pig snare

To break a biting ferret's grip, it's best to
A. place the ferret under running water.
B. distract the ferret with several brisk taps on the nose.
C. gently occlude the ferret's jugular vein.
D. cover the ferret's eyes.

Which of the following are you most likely to need when recovering an escaped cat?
A. Restraint gloves
B. A head snare
C. a cat bag
D. pepper spray
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Pet