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My hamster has a creamy, white puss fluid coming out of his ...

Resolved Question:

My hamster has a creamy, white puss fluid coming out of his anal area which smells really bad. I am wondering if this is wet tail. His anal area is not wet. I am treating him with dritail but i'm unsure if this is what he actually has since he does not appear lethargic, continues to eat and has been very playful. Help!
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  August Abbott, CAS replied 10 years ago.

How long has this been going on? You're sure it's a 'he'? How old is he ?



Expert:  August Abbott, CAS replied 10 years ago.
It seems you went offline and I don't want any complications to occur with your little one, so hopefully by the time you get this - you can get the hammy some care.

Over the counter/pet store ‘wet tail' treatments are often just solutions for diarrhea. It may be attempted, but if not cleared up relatively quickly, vet attention is probably going to be needed urgently.

Wet tail doesn't always present with obvious feces; sometimes it's a whitish, infected looking discharge. When you see this, there's no point in trying to treat diarrhea - it's important to see a vet pretty quickly (same day if possible).

There's more info about it here

It sounds like you're catching this early - which is very promising. Many cases aren't treated until much further advanced and the hammy goes off food, becomes lethargic and symptoms are undeniable.

Good job!

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to TheCaretaker's Post: My Hamster is a she sorry, I made that error. Does that make a difference? She is approximately 3-4 months old. I just took a look at her again and noticed that it is coming from her vaginal area? Is this normal?
Expert:  August Abbott, CAS replied 10 years ago.

I had a feeling it was a she Wink - it would still be important to have her seen. It's probably not so much an intestinal infection as a 'female' related problem; however, depending on the source (bacteria, fungal, etc) it may get worse, quickly spreading.

If she's been exposed to a male within the last two weeks or so, this may be Dystocia (babies stuck inside) - and it's an emergency situation.

In any case - there's no way around it, she needs medical intervention. With another two years or more expected in her lifespan, it's certainly worth the care to help insure her chances. This link is terrific for hammy families!

Good luck with her - and let me know how it goes ok?


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