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My guinea pig is showing signs of constipation ...

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My guinea pig is showing signs of constipation and his stomach feels somewhat swollen he is refusing food and I have periodically given him water over the last couple of hours with a dropper, I don't know of an exotic vet in our area any advice? I'm starting to get very worried.
Most likely your guinea pig isn't constipated but has ileus. This happens when they don't have enough fiber in their diet and their intestinal tract shuts down. The swelling that you are seeing is probably gas. You need to give him some pediatric mylicon, which you can get at most stores. You would give him 1ml which is about a 1/4 of a teaspoon. This will help with the bloating and help him feel a little bit better. You need to also get food into him. If you have any pellets then grind them up into a powder and then make that into a gruel that you can squirt into his mouth. It is very critical that you get him to start eating. If he eats any hay that is the most important thing for him to have. It should be the biggest part of his diet but for the next few days getting him to eat is the most important.
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