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vanislandwitch, Dog Breeder
Category: Pet
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Experience:  Owner of a 44 acre hobby farm,Breeder of American Staffshire Terriers,Natural Practitioner
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how to tell if cow is pregnant

Customer Question

first time farming whant to no whow to tell if cow is pregnant
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  vanislandwitch replied 10 years ago.

Hello There,

First time farmer myself ! We just bought our first cow and she is beautiful. I have found the below web site amazing.

The Merk Veterinary Manual.

It's a FREE ONLINE version updated every year!

Cow Reproduction

I did read over the material,doesn't mention "How to tell if your cow is pregnant" doesn't really seem to be much out there for us beginner farmers. So I picked up the phone and ask my pastor,he's the local cattle rancher around here,and whom we bought our cow from. I asked him how to tell if you infact have a pregnant cow,he said just watch to see if she starts making a bag and shows some sign of springing up in the next few months. You can also have a vet. come out and "bump" her (a test for pregnancy in cattle).He/she will reach in the rectum and feel for the calf through the wall. If pregnant the vet will have some recomendations for you as well.He/she can tell 40 days after breeding if she's taken or not. Its sometimes difficult to get a vet to come out so best to line one up incase you need help at calving.

Best of Luck!