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What should I do about my bunny eating her fur in clumps

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Overnight, my pet rabbit bit a lot of her fur from under her belly. When I saw her this morning, there were CLUMPS of her hair in the cage and fur hanging from her mouth. Should I be concerned about this? I know bunnies can die from fur balls - do I need to take her into a vet? Should I still have food in her cage for her to eat today?

Is your bunny with a male?

Is she putting the clumps in one area of the cage?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
No, she is alone in her cage. The hair was all around her cage when I found her. I tried to give her a treat - she put it in her mouth, but couldn't chew it because of all the hair in her mouth. She was still, at that point, trying to pull more hair out from her belly. WHen I took her out of her cage, she began to run around and it appears she threw up what hair was in her mouth becuase I found it on the floor.
Your girl may be going through a psudopregnancy (false) as this is normal behavior of such. Clean out her cage, brush her chest and belly area well to remove any excess hair and keep an eye on her closely today. Definately keep food and water available to her or atleast make sure she is offered food under supervision. If the behavior continues into tomorrow, then have your vet take a look at her, because, as you know, they can choke on their fur if ingested. Usually, rabbits that show this behavior really need to be brushed more often..a few times per week to curb the behavior. Good luck with your bunny :)
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