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Category: Pet
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My goldfish has an extended and extremely bloated belly. he ...

Customer Question

My goldfish has an extended and extremely bloated belly. he is listless, sitting on the bottom of the tank. what should i do? he has been slightly distended for while, but he is starting to look really bad. we are feeding him antibacteria medcated flakes, and gave a him a pea or two last week. he has a hughe airated tank that is clean. what do i do??? also i just realzied, it looks like there are little white swimmy things in his tank....
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  TROPICAL FISH AFICIONADO replied 10 years ago.
What size tank is your goldfish in ?

How long has he had these symptoms?

Are there other fish in the tank with him?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
please give me a direct answer, i need to know what is wrong with my fish. here are all of the details that i can give you:
there are thin white little swimming things, and i am not sure what they are. (i just noticed them today)
he is sitting on the bottom on the tank, hooving sometimes, and he is wilting to one side.
his tail is limp
and his abdomen in incredibly extended.
are treating him with antibac food
he is agoldfish

i allready paid so would appreciate an answer. thank you very much.
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Expert:  TROPICAL FISH AFICIONADO replied 10 years ago.
Your goldfish is suffering from a condition called Dropsy. Dropsy is caused by unfavorable water conditions. The white swimmy things that you are seeing in the tank are white worms specifically flatworms called Planaria. If regular weekly water changes of 25% haven't been getting done and overfeeding has occured then these are the causes of the unfavorable water conditions which have caused the fish to have Dropsy.
So the way to cure this is 1) Change 30% of the water using a gravel vaccuum. The gravel vaccuum will take out some of the debris from the bottom of the tank whilst taking out water, 2) replace the water with dechlorinated water that's the same temperature as the water the fish is in now,
3) add 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt per each 5 gallons of water that's in the tank. The aquarium salt will help the fish and make conditions unfavorable to the worms, 4) add to the water a product/medicine known as "Quick Cure". This will also help cure the fish and eliminate the worms as it kills parasites which is what the worms are.
I have listed below a web page that will show you what the product looks like. Follow the above recommended steps for 2 weeks. Do the above every 4 days in other words change the water and add all the items one day, wait 3 more days and repeat. Your intentions and actions were well meant in feeding an anti-bacterial food but as this problem is a water quality/parasite problem any anti-bacterial food or medicine will not do anything to alleviate the problem. Also please note that it's only advisable to feed a goldfish once or twice a day and only a small pinch of food as uneaten food pollutes the water therby causing fish disease. Weekly water changes of 25% are also very useful in guarding against water quality problems. Thank you for asking this question and I hope your fish recuperates quickly.
Please let me know if you need any additional assistance.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
oh im so sorry for being rude i did not get sent your firt response. thank you so much for you help!
another question: he is SO bloated and is having a very hard time swimming, could it be more then dropsy?
in answer to your previous email:
he has had these conditions for about 2 months (they were minor at first)
there are no other fish in his tank
and the size of teh tank is 15 gallons
thank you so much for your time i really appreciate it
Expert:  TROPICAL FISH AFICIONADO replied 10 years ago.
Thank you for your kind and courteous response.
When a fish is bloated like this unless it's full of eggs to be expelled it's highly probable that the fish has Dropsy. You wrote something very important "he has had these conditions for about 2 months (they were minor at first)". The fact that they were minor at first is an indication that as the water quality deteriorated his condition deteriorated. So if you try the recommendations of the prior post I believe the
fish might be able to bounce back but please be patient as the longer a fish has been sick the longer and more difficult it is to cure. The positive thing here is that your goldfish is obviously a very strong fish in that he's been able to survive so long with this condition.
That says a lot. Also, after the treatment you might think about putting some variety into his diet with foods such live/frozen brine shrimp, shrimp pellets, spirulina flakes etc. etc. A varied diet gives a fish all the proper nutrients he needs. So let me know if you need more help and yes I truly believe this is an advanced case of Dropsy. Best of luck and give it your best.
TROPICAL FISH AFICIONADO and 3 other Pet Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
my golfsih's extended belly is leaking a white pussy substance, he is still sitting at the bottom of the tank.
Expert:  TROPICAL FISH AFICIONADO replied 10 years ago.

Hi againCustomer The white substance you mentioned is a fungus which is a secondary infection caused by the original condition Dropsy. I hope you followed the recommendations in my original post. The water change is very important. To get rid of the fungus I recommend a medicine called Fungus Eliminator. If you can't find the product then you may use another medicine as long as it is meant to kill fungus.

Please understand that you should be patient as a cure is not going to happen overnight. Apparently the fish has been sick for some time. So follow the advice

from yesterday's post and add the medicine that I suggested today. Just remember that it's best to follow all of what I've suggested and keep doing so for 2 weeks and once again please be patient. I truly sympathize with your wanting the fish to get better ASAP but it will take time. Good luck Lucy and please let me know if you need anymore help.