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Dr. Smith
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My guinea pig has a red eye. What could this be

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It is very red and looks really nasty. I'm not sure what happened, but just discovered it when I was cleaning her cage. The eye looks glazed over, but it seems that she can still see out of it. Is there anything I can try?

Good evening, Ms. Funderbunk,

In a guinea pig, you always have to worry about several different disease processes that require immediate intervention and veterinary care.

Guinea pigs can have upper respiratory and systemic problems caused by Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Strep and other organisms.

Your pig should be evaluated by a veterinarian immediately to assess hydration, body weight, temperature, GI motility, teeth and cardiopulmonary health. Going into the weekend, I would really want you to try and get her in first thing SATURDAY morning...going all weekend may not be a wise idea, especially if she is painful!!

IF your pig is painful or not feeling well and it begins to lose interest in eating, a serious condition called GI Stasis can occur and kill your pig. IF anorexia or poor appetite have been part of your pigs symptoms than you must get your pet to a vet as soon as possible! If you cannot get your pig to a vet over the weekend, than you will need to force feed your pet pureed baby food or fresh veggies to insure that the gut stays stimulated over the weekend.

If your pig has not had a stool sample checked in the last 6 months than parasites in the intestines could also be causing problems and should be treated for also.

All guinea pigs should have a health exam and fecal check and oral examination every 6 months for their lifetime.

As their teeth grow continually, your pig could also have points on it's molars that are causing gingival abscessation with a resultant spread to the eyes. Guinea pig teeth often have to be filed down on a regular basis.

Diet is very important. I hope you are supplementing your pig with at least 25-50 mg of Vitamin C per Kilogram of body weight each day. Fresh timothy hay should be your pig's biggest intake of the day, with fresh greens and veggies coming in second. Pellets should only compromise about 20% of your pig's daily intake.

The eyes could be the primary problem, or they could be secondary to a bigger more serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately!

For tonite, you can try to hot compress the eyes with a wet washcloth and gently try to remove any mucous like material from the eyes.

You can use sterile ophthalmic saline solution to try and gently flush her affected eye. She may have a small particle of bedding stuck in her eyelid, so if someone can help you, you may want to try and pull her eyelids out and see if you can see any type of foreign substance. Copious flushing of the eye may help dislodge and remove any irritating substance that may be in the eyelids.

If your pig is housed with any other pigs, I would quarantine her temporarily and until your vet has a chance to look at her. As only ONE eye is affected, she may have traumatized it or she could have a tooth root infection...but on the chance that she is contagious, I wouldnt' want your other pigs (if you have more) to be at risk for exposure!

Please remember to press "ACCEPT" upon reading this answer. I appreciate your trust in my professional knowledge and clinical experience. Please remember to leave feedback, as feedback affects my ratings and earnings.

Best Wishes to You and Your Pet!
Dr. Jodi L. Smith

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