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how do flies get inside an otherwise closed house my door ...

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how do flies get inside an otherwise closed house? my door and windows are closed except for the necessary use of coming and going (doors) or changing the air (windows). despite this the flies number maybe 20 per room everyday! they are everywhere. the house was renovated 8 years ago with new, doors, siding, roof, plumbing, electrical, etc. the house is otherwise new and clean. housework is done daily. i just cannot understand where they are coming from. if i knew that i propbaly could eradicate the problem. please help me.

what type of pets do you have?

how long have you had this problem?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to purrfectkitty's Post: 3 dogs
a long time
for the most part they reside outdoors in their kennel although the youngest spend the nights indoors in the basement. none of the 3 dogs are what you would consider house dogs.

the problem with the flies tends to be much worse this time of the year and early spring.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
i did not receive ANY answer
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Relist: No answer yet.
one nice person responded and asked further questions of me but what happen now?

Dear friend,

I am so very sorry you had to wait for an answer. Your question get moved out of "pets" and into the "general" category - which I do not have a profile for - so I could not answer you. Mgmnt has been so kind to send it back to pets so now I am happy to help you.

The reason this is happening is because tiny fly eggs get indoors (perhaps on the dogs feet). These hatch into maggots (fly larva) - very teeny and hard to see. These, in turn become those nasty obnoxious flies.

You can avoid this in the future by wiping the dogs feet with fly wipes (pet supply) when they come in. Aslo if you have an invasion, you can use a one time bomb or diffuser. The only positive thing is that the annoying pests only each live a day or two but of course new ones hatch and begin the cycle over again.

Please let me know if you still have questions. I am happy to help.

Very sincerely,


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
if it is eggs on the one dog that only spends the night indoors, in the basement, no where else, why would not every house that has a pet have this fly problem?by the way i keep attempting to reply to terri but i keep getting "bad request"?

Dear friend,

First, let me appologize. I do not know why you are ahving so much difficulty in getting through but I do sincerely XXXXX XXXXX this problem.

To answer your question, many people do have simialar issues with flies. All you need is one to have gotten in while the renovations were being done to have an epidemic because they lay thousands of eggs. They can also breed inside walls.

The best way to get rid of that at this point is to have a service come in that removes the switchplates and sprays the spaces in between the walls and distroys the nests. Then you should be rid of them once and for all.

If you have any more questions and cannot get through just send me a private message and I will be more then happy to help you.

Very sincerely,


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