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Dry Patch on Nose

Customer Question

Is there a serious problem if my dog's nose becomes a little discolored and rough on just one side? I've included a link so you can see her nose.

Sorry I can't offer more money. :-(
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Marie replied 10 years ago.
Hi! Don't worry about the monies, we are here to help. How old is your dog? Has the nose been sunburned or does he eat from a plastic dish? Is there any nasal discharage or anything else you noticed different?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Marie's Post: Thank you so much for your reply. she is going to be four in november. her food has been in a plastic bowl her whole life. it was just weird how her nose went dry in one area! now, i must say that we DID have an experience where if we touched her snout she yelped and she didn't eat normally for a few weeks. but back then her nose didn't look weird. about a week or so after she got mostly back to normal (no sore snout and was eating good) the weird dryness appeared. i have not seen any discharge except for a occasional runny nose. and no, as far as i know, she hasn't been sunburnt as she is an indoor dog (except to relieve herself for the most part).

the main reason i sent my question was because when i showed friends the pic of her nose they said i should take her to the vet. i cannot do that til early october (money comes in) so i just wanted to make sure it wasn't something i needed to really worry about.

thank you so much for your help. i hope i've been clear. i just want to make sure i'm not ignoring a possible bad thing!
Expert:  Marie replied 10 years ago.

Hi! My brother had a red doby that got a bad sunburn and eating from a plastic dish created an infection and took on the appearance like your dog has. HOWEVER, that is not always the case. Since she is 4, I would take her to the Vet for a wellness checkup when you have the monies and have her checked over carefully. She may had an injury since she complained of soreness or she may have had a granulation tissue issus. Since she may have torn it, if should of healed backed unless an infection damaged the tisssue. I think waiting a few more weeks will be fine, call the Vet now to make an appointment and tell them what happened. You could try using Bag Balm as another Expert pointed out. It works wonders on dry noses. Also, you might ask the Vet to do a blood workup just to rule out thyroid or anything else. If you have any other questions, please ask.