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Michele McMurray
Michele McMurray, Rescue & Kennel Owner
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Experience:  many years of dogs & cats, current work is with special needs dogs (blind & deaf) & Great Danes
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Complications after spaying surgery

Resolved Question:

We had our six month old yorkie spayed this week. We were told she had a "rough time" after surgery. First evening we had to give our unresponsive puppy dextrose every two hours and take her back to the vets office the following morning so she could be put on an IV all day. She is now unable to stand or walk. We have also been told that she may have blurred vision. The vet says she was given the correct amount of pain killer but that's because she got very cold when she stopped breathing after the surgery that her metabolism was too low to handle that correct dose. It has been two and a half days since the surgery. She is responsive but has parkinsons like shakes and can't balance. Any ideas about what went wrong and do you think it is likely she will improve?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Michele McMurray replied 10 years ago.

Good evening,

Let me start by telling you how very sorry I am that you and your girl are going through this terrible ordeal.

What I have to say about this is going to upset you and I don't mean for it to, I just feel you have the right to know the truth. Unless your girl is absolutely allergic to anesthesia, it is VERY likely that they gave her the wrong dose (too much) during her surgery. It is not as uncommon as people think. I am sending you a link that will explain some of this further - PLEASE READ the entire site. There are a couple of things that have no relevance but the rest will shock you. It will also give you some options for treatment as well.

I can not honestly tell you that she will improve but the one thing I have learned repeatedly from my pets is NEVER give up. No matter how hard it gets sometimes, they will not stop fighting so you should not either. So she may just surprise you.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need additional information.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Michele Conrade's Post: Are the shakes and paralysis a common side affect of the anasthesia if used incorrectly?
Expert:  Michele McMurray replied 10 years ago.

yes, they are as well as possible vomiting, vision problems and seizures. I am sending you information on several of the different anesthesia products that are used so that you can get a general idea of the possibilities. Without knowing exactly which one they used it is difficult to know if I have the eact one or not.

I have more information if you need it.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Michele Conrade's Post: Any additional information that might help us understand what is going on with our puppy would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Expert:  Michele McMurray replied 10 years ago.
Overdosing on anesthesia is basically like taking a poison and flushing it through your pups system. It will take some time for it to metabolize and work it's way out of her system. It's really not much different that if you took too many pain killers. They make you dizzy, sick to your stomach and sleepy. This is basically what is going on with your pup except that it will take longer for her to recover. The sites I sent you have specific side effects for each of the different types of anesthesias. It would be a good idea for you to read through some of them just to familiarize yourself with some of the possibilities.
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