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nancylou, Veterinary Assistant
Category: Pet
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Experience:  Professional groomer, vet tech, animal rescue, animal behavior, volunteer for humane society/aspca
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can i cut my long haired chihuahuas hair short

Customer Question

can i cut my long haired chihuahua's hair short in the summer or not
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  nancylou replied 11 years ago.
Sure that is fine and the hair will grow back. But unless you are familiar with grooming and have the proper tools I'd suggest a professional groomer to do the job.
Depending on the length of your pets hair you could opt for just a trim, to take up the length on the body, and feathers on legs and tail or an all over cut. Be careful what you ask the groomer for you could end up with a naked pup! I you want some hair left tell them and ask for a #4, #5 or #7 blade to be used. If you want it all off with just a tiny bit left ask for a #10 cut. If the pups hair is somewhat thick I'd go with the 5 or 7 blade cut. Or if the groomer is experienced they can use blade guards that will leave it in any number of lenghts. Figure out what you are wanting and speak with a few groomers and find one you are comfortable with.
Regular grooming is beneficial for all pets when done properly and with love, it can be a relaxing and wonderful experience for them.
If this will be your pups first grooming experience make sure you tell that to the groomer also, he/she will have to devote more time to introduce the experiece to them.
Good luck!