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How do I rent a penguin

Customer Question

I want a penguin to come to my office to surprise my boss. Could I do this, and how much would it cost?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Marie replied 11 years ago.
I think this is going to be tough. The true penguin does not live in the Northern Hemisphere.
The ones you see at Sea World in CA, Hawaii, and Florida are carefully handled by experts. I called the Bronx Zoo here in NYC and of course they didn't bat an eye when I asked. They have had people call to "rent" everything from an monkey to an elephant. They said they can not recommend anyone. They said Movies and TV have special licenses to hire animal handlers and trainers and that is how they will get to use the animals. No animal in any zoo is allowed to be used for private use. It is against the law.
However, if you were Donald Trump, she promises you, you could afford it.   She said even if you could get a handler to get a license (permit), and "rent" the animal, it would cost you many thousands. Sorry, I really tried.

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