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Bulldog with a cold

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I have a two year old English Bulldog. Yesterday he started sneezing and blowing and licking to get "stuff" out of his nose. Last night he continued to do this all night long. Do dogs get colds, or could it be something else? What can I do to help him get well? Is there any over-the-counter medicine that might help?

Also, how do you tell if a dog has a fever?

Optional Information: Age: 2; Male; Breed: English BulldogAlready Tried: Benedryl
It sounds like your Bulldog has an upper respiratory infection. Sneezing and nasal discharge are a couple of signs. If the discharge is mucousy and green or yellow in color, then I think he needs to be on oral antibiotics. You will need to see the vet for this. The benadryl is a good idea also. You can give him 25 mg 2-3 times daily, and that might help the sneezing.

To take a dog's temperature, insert a thermometer (a rectal or digital thermometer) into the rectum, about 1 inch in. Make sure to apply some lubrication first such as KY Jelly or vaseline. Leave the thermometer in about 1 minute. The normal temp for a dog is around 101-102.5. If he is running a fever, that is another reason to get him into the vet!

Most respiratory infections are not severe, so your dog should be fine once he gets on the antibiotics.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
He just had a tumor on his foot removed, so he was on Clavomox for 10 days. He just stopped taking it a week ago. I have three days worth left. Should I go ahead and give him that or will that not be enough to be effective? If I do give him that, should I give him Benedryl also?

I thought I've heard something about if a dog's nose is cold, he may have a fever. Are there any other signs to know that I should use a thermometer to take his temperature?
Yes, you can give him the clavamox for the cold. You will need more than 3 days, though, so maybe your vet can give you more on monday. You can also continue the benadryl as well, and they can be given together.

Feel your dogs ears, if they feel really warm, then try to take a rectal temperature. Noses will be very warm also when they have fevers. If he doesn't feel warm, he may be ok, but if you have a thermometer and someone to help you, go ahead and check his temperature.

Make sure he is eating and drinking and phone your vet in the a.m. and discuss the problem.
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