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Westie Seizure

Resolved Question:

I have West Highland White Terrier that appears to have had her first "Seizure". I indicate it in quotes because our Vet doesn't know what the caused the problem. The problem is basically, with very dialated eyes, and increased heart rate the dog seems to be grabbing at flys that don't exist. The "seizure" lasted much longer than I would expect a seizure to last - almost 3 hours before seeing a vet, and even with Pheno and Valium the Vet's treatment didn't seem to relieve the symptoms. Almost 30 hours after the first dose of Pheno did she begin to return to normal - although pretty groggy due to the pheno. Was the situation I describe a seizure? If not, what was it? Is there anything I can do to help or prevent future incidents without heavy drugs?

Optional Information:
Age: 6; Female; Breed: Westie

Already Tried:
Information in question, more available by request, including blood work, allergy panel results, thyroid test results

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
Fly snapping is seizure activity but it might not be epilepsy instead it could be due to a health issue causing a chemical build up resulting in the behavior.
Age 6 is a little late for idiopathic epieleptic onset but it can happen.
This site discusses epilepsy and other seizure issues which should give you a really good understanding of the possible issues and treatments
and this article on fly snapping might be of help too
While some people work on this issue as if it were a behavior problem I think there is an underlying medical condition that triggers this.
If the thyroid is low normal you might consider trying thyroid meds as low normal in the range could be too low for your individual dog.
This site lists breed specific issues you might want to check too
Hope this helps you!
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