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yorkie: first time breeder..breeding..10th day of my females bleeding

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I am a first time breeder and am breeding Yorkies. Today is the 10th day of my females bleeding. On the 8th day which I thought would be too soon, they tied within 10 minutes and the tie lasted 5-7 min. This is the first time for both. They tried 5 times yesterday with no ties. He was trying to the point of exhaustion, but no ties. They've tried once today with no luck again. I think he needs help getting in the right place but when I go to touch them, the female lays down and the male stops. What should I do?

Optional Information:
Age: 2; Female; Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Already Tried:
natural breeding, tried assisting once, but no luck.

Dogs all ovulate at different times and while 9-14 days is the usually breeding point earlier or later is not unknown.
I suggest you have your vet help you with doing an artificial insemination for one more attempt.
Leaving them together until the male is exhausted can result in there being no sperm left if they tie again.
You can check progesterone levels to see where she is in the ovulation portion of the cycle.
As a breeder you should accustom both the male and the female to be handled a lot so that when it comes to handling during breeding they will not be shy.
Sometimes breeding them up on a big grooming table helps as you are not 'looming' over them when you assist.
Doing an AI with the vet may actually help with this training and it sure makes the boys excited to go see the vet another time!
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
As a breeder you should accustom both the male and the female to be handled a lot so that when it comes to handling during breeding they will not be shy.
The male is owned by someone else but both are accustomed to being handled. They just don't seem to want interference when breeding. I think the problem is the male not being able to find the right spot. I think he got extremely lucky the first time.
If you are bringing the male to you that could be part of the problem.
But it always looks like the male 'can't find the spot' when the female is not really allowing breeding to take place.
Believe me once males have found out how it works they do not forget how to get it right.
I think your timing is off because your female is an early ovulator.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: So you think I missed it or do I need to wait a couple of days.
You're saying that if he found the spot once, he can do it again if she's willing?
If she's flagging and standing, isn't that willing?
I think you may be OK if he tied the first time.
Some dogs tease and won't tie.
I do think if he found it once as long as he is on the right end of your girl he should be able to again unless he is a lot shorter than she is in which case a folded towel or rug may help him get the height he needs.
My advise to ensure a litter as you are not getting a second natural tie is to have the vet do an AI. You can choose to do a progesterone test or not but that would tell you if she is an early ovulator or not.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
I don't mean to keep being a pest but my female usually bleeds for about 2 weeks and stays swollen for at least 6. I took her to be groomed about 6 wks. after her last heat and they told me she was still in heat! Wouldn't that mean that she would probably ovulate later?
My female isn't showing any interest, ever since the first and only tie. She will stand but she's not excited, doesn't dance and she evens shakes when he tries. Is it possible for her to feel that she's pregnant so she has no more interst in mating? I hope I worded that right.
Its Ok to ask questions thats what we are here for :)
The enlarged vulva post heat season might just mean she does a false pregnancy when not mated. Many dogs do this.
She should not bleed that long but dogs do vary.
I've seen dogs breed once and then just stop because ovulation and fertilization happened. A couple of my girls go out of heat almost overnight if the timing on breeding is right.
You might want to get a copy of this book and read all the breeding chapters it even shows Yorkie's being born - The Dog Owners Home Veterinary Handbook by Carlson and Giffen. Great book and I reread the whelping chapters to calm my nerves every time!
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
She's still bleeding a little. She was very excited and was doing a dancing act when she was first put with the stud but as soon as they tied, she has completely changed and now she acts almost scared around him and she is following me and is more lovey. Even if she had a way of "knowing" she was pregnant(and I'm not totally convinced that she is)would it happen immediately like that?
Hormones have more impact than most realize including on behavior. Its not exactly that she knows its that the hormones change and so does her behavior.
She may feel you are the top female and in a dog pack only the top female gets to be bred. You might try one more time at the stud owners home instead of your own.
Time will tell if she is pregnant or not. At about 22 days you can have your vet run a relaxin test to find out.

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