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My yorkie has been grunting all day and looks like she is ...

Resolved Question:

My yorkie has been grunting all day and looks like she is trying to cough up something. Every time she drinks water it is like she is trying to cough up something or is gagging. What could this be?

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Age: 7; Female; Breed: Yorkshire terrier

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Nancy Holmes Requested

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
If she sounds a bit like a cat trying to hack up a hairball this might be kennel cough. You can read about it here
She might also have a case of tonsillitis or have swallowed something that got partly stuck in her throat - string or a rubber band for example.
Yorkies can have problems with the soft palate getting inflamed or with the trachea not opening properly too.
As this doesn't seem like its short term and isn't stopping you might want the vet to see her.
Hope this helps you!
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