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How long do fleas live without food

Resolved Question:

In a room that has fleas, if nothing enters said room, how long will fleas live without blood. The room is in the temperate zone.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Tammy F. replied 11 years ago.

Although a great theory, this just does not work. Here's some interesting reading info for you:

Do NOT leave any room empty for any length of
time hoping to "starve" the fleas
. Flea pupae are
motivated by movement and body heat. They will not
hatch out if a room is void of activity. In fact, one
way of getting them to hatch out quicker than they
are inclined is the use of a vacuum. Daily vacuuming
will excite them. A vacuum with a beater-bar does
a great job of getting them to come out
. An ordinary
vacuum will do well too. In bad cases, customers have
sped the hatching process up by walking around in white
socks. The white will reflect light and appears
hot to a flea. Hot means blood and this will cause
the cocoons to hatch. Immediately after walking around
for awhile, vacuum. The effect of vacuuming and the
spray in the carpet will knockdown that many more fleas
which will not be able to bite. Do this everyday until
you can do so without seeing any fleas. Although this
step may sound like a lot of work, maybe this will
. Yes, a full year. This is
why vacation homes that have been left vacant for 8-12
months have been found to have hundreds of fleas
hatching out of the carpet when vacationers open the
doors and get themselves settled. The pupae have been
doing nothing but lying in wait for a target. This can
happen in your home if you close a room up for a month
or two expecting the fleas to simply die off. Don't
waste your time waiting.


Let me know if you have more questions.

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