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why wont my bitch let the stud near her

Resolved Question:

my female is in heat and she wont let the male get close enough to her to get her pregnant.

Optional Information:
Age: 10; Female; Breed: maltese

Already Tried:
holding her down

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
I hope you are not trying to breed a 10 year old female maltese! that is way too old for a first litter. She might not be in heat but be having a uterine infection with red discharge instead if she is that old. And I hope you are not trying to breed a 10 month old puppy either - that is way too young to breed a female and it could impact her own health and maturity.

Normally in a heat cycle the female has about a week of bleeding followed by the discharge changing to straw colored for the next week. Between days 9-13 is usually when the female is most receptive to being bred but dogs vary in this and may breed earlier or later.
If the female is refusing the male its very likely you are trying on the wrong day of the heat cycle so I suggest you let the two together for an hour every day and see which day she will mate.
Also females will reject an unhealthy male. I had one male that none of my females wanted near them. Turned out he was sterile and apparently the girls knew it.
Hope this helps you!
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