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David, Proud Pet Owner of Many Pets! :)
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Experience:  Years of taking care exotic and domestic pets. Part time work in Animal Shelter and Pet Store
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Can you use a home ept test that is for humans to determine ...

Customer Question

Can you use a home ept test that is for humans to determine if a dog is pregnant?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  David replied 11 years ago.
You cant use a human pregnancy test for dogs, My vet used it and said it is 100% accurate, However I have heard different, that it can give false negatives if too early and if a small litter under 3. Should use at 30 + days if at all.

I have also provided the following information for your use in case you are still unsure about using the human pregnancy test:

Dogs are Pregnant for 60-63 days. There breast areas don't change or fill up with milk until a couple days before the dog gives birth.

Some signs of pregnancy in a dog are appetite change, your dog acting different, and an enlargement of the stomach.

Normally you will be able to feel kicking of puppies in the 4th-5th week.Not any sooner. But if your dog hasn't gone into heat then your dog probably isn't pregnant.


Confirming pregnancy usually necessitates a trip to the veterinary office. The earliest method of pregnancy detection is ultrasound—a nice test because it is noninvasive and very reliable. Fetal heartbeats can be detected at around the 25th day from first breeding. This is not, however, considered a reliable way to determine fetal number.

One interesting fact about the canine reproductive cycle is that the dog goes through roughly the same hormonal changes whether or not she is pregnant. For this reason, there is no progesterone blood or urine test to diagnose pregnancy in dogs. There is, however, a blood test that will detect relaxin, a hormone that is produced in pregnant dogs but is not found in non-pregnant dogs. This test may be performed mid gestation, which occurs at around the same time that your veterinarian can palpate the fetuses.

Most experienced veterinarians can determine pregnancy by simply feeling the dog's abdomen during a certain a window of time—about 20-30 days after conception. During this time period, there is uterine swelling around the placental sites that feels like firm and discrete lumps. After 30 days, the uterine swelling is more diffuse and it is difficult to distinguish the gravid uterus from the feel of the intestinal tract. Dogs that are very large or obese may be difficult to examine in any stage, however.

A third way to detect pregnancy is by taking x-rays. Fetal skeletons can be visualized at about 45 days of pregnancy. This test cannot be done until late in gestation, but it is nice to know about how many of the little creatures you can expect once the actual birthing occurs.

I hope this info has helped you, if so don't forget to click the "accept" button. Thanks!

David, Proud Pet Owner of Many Pets! :)
Category: Pet
Satisfied Customers: 18
Experience: Years of taking care exotic and domestic pets. Part time work in Animal Shelter and Pet Store
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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Thank you.... I was just curios if this would work... but I will just wait and see. I think she should be... she was bred on her 13th day and we had a good tie.
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
Actually human pregnancy tests cannot work on dogs as they test for the wrong thing.
There is a pregnancy test for dogs that is available which tests for the presence of relaxin. Usually you have to see a vet who is involved in a reproductive practice to have this done but any vet can do it.
Here is one site on the test for this
If you got a good tie on day 13 and the male was fertile that is a good sign that pregnancy will occur. Usually I breed twice two days in a row to ensure that good viable sperm was available from the stud dog. You can do progesterone testing to check on what day the dog is ovulating too and that lets you pinpoint the correct day for breeding accurately.
Most breeders wait out the 58-63 days to see if pups show up. Many though do an x-ray the week before the pups are due to see how many there are (makes whelping easier when you know when all have arrived) and to make sure there are none too large to be delivered naturally.
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: Thanks for all the help. I normally do breed twice, it was just a tough time... I breed Canaan Dogs, and it is always a long drive to get to the stud... they are so few and far between.... So I kept my fingers crossed and hoped one would be enough.
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
Once is always enough especially if you do not want puppies LOL!
Chilled semen works great in my experience. And the one week before whelping x-ray is a good standard procedure too.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: Thanks,,, I hope she is.