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Joann Canafax
Joann Canafax, Veterinary Assistant
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Pro Bono Veternarians

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Can anyone please help me find a pro bobo veterinarian? My cat came back today with a broken jaw, and we can't afford to take him to an emergency clinic. They want $165 just to have him seen, and we just don't have that. My husband was just laid off and I am the only one supporting us and our baby. Please--can someone help me? I love my cat dearly and don't want him to die. He doesn't seem to be able to drink or eat, and it only takes a very short time for cats to become dehydrated.
I know of a place that may help they will help you to raise money for your vet!
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Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Joann Canafax's Post: Thank you. I emailed them with my story. Hopefully they can help my cat. I will hit "accept" now, but can you please email me back with any further info you have on many people do you know who actually received help from them, etc. Also, as a vet tech, have you ever seen this before? The bottom left side of his jaw is protruding and sagging down. When I look inside his mouth, there appears to be a tear down the middle. There is a horrible puss-like smell coming from his mouth also.