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Enacard vs Enalapril

Customer Question

I have a fifteen year old toy poodle and my vet recommends Enacard. When I asked him about "Enalapril" he said he would not recommend going with a generic brand for this medication. Do you agreee? Just a note: My vet said he now sells pet meds on line (he refused to fill my prescription for 1800 pet meds--the people who said that enalapril is the equivalent to enacard).
Submitted: 12 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Dr. Vamvakias replied 12 years ago.


I did alittle "quick" research from some other vets and there is nothing suggesting there is any less efficacy of enalapril to enacard. As a clinician the problem with online companies like they are giving you medications at a low cost...but if you have a problem with that medication you go to your vet.  So they are wanting the $$ from the sell but not the support of being your vet and dealing with the possible outcomes.

I would talk with your vet about getting enalapril. He can do his own research...via a network called that he is probably familiar with. It is a vet only network..but it has lots of information about using the generic form.  You just need to communicate the desire for the less expensive medication and if he is using an online pharmacy, the generic should be available.


Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Dr. Vamvakias's Post: Yes, I DO understand that enalapril is the same as enacard. My own "quick" search shows me that exactly the same indications are given, side-effects, etc.

I have talked to my vet. He does not give me any conclusive reasons on why these two medications would vary.

Do you have any professional opinion on so called "generic" prescriptions in general and specificaly on enacard. This is why I am seeking another opinion. Any trial research? Any knowledge that you may have from your own practice? I can forward the to my vet.

It seems they are both are equivalent.
Expert:  Dr. Vamvakias replied 12 years ago.

 They both are equivalent...I use both enalapril and enacard. Why do I have both?? Because sometimes MERCK (enacard) has bulk discounts and I am able to purchase for less than normal. I do not have a problem with dispensing enalapril AT ALL..and I can find NO research suggesting that there is a difference.

Some other medications, the generic brands do not do as well...but Enacard/enalapril does not fall into that category.


Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Dr. Vamvakias's Post: Thank you.
Expert:  Dr. Vamvakias replied 12 years ago.

 You are welcome...good luck,