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Oliver’s Mom
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Category: Pet
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Experience:  20 yrs Trainer/Behavior/Rescue focus:dog/cat-human relationships;dog/cat behavior modification metho
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Home Remedy for K-9 Constipation

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7 yr. old Great Dane Has severe Constipation, is there a Laxative of some sort that I can put in his food? Does added excercize help or am I just putting him through more pain?

 I can help however could you please answer the following -

When was his last bowel movement?

Do you suspect what is causing the constipation - did he eat something unusual or get into anything he shouldn't have?

Is he eating and drinking?

Is he urinating normally?

Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Oliver’s Mom's Post: Thank you For your reply, I can't say when his last bowel movement was. I spent a full 1 1/2 hrs with him outside and all he did was try with no results. I did however run across a couple very very small spots where he may have succeeded but nothing like what a Great Dane should deposit. It was a little runny and very orange.
We took him to the vet about a month and a half ago because he was urinating blood. The Vet said that there was a possibility of Gal stones. He gave us some antibiotics but I am unsure if they were for gal stones or just infection. We gave Kaiser all of his medicine and he seemed to get better for a while but now he has extreme troubles urinating but there is no signs of blood. He drinks regularly but I noticed that his appetite is lessening. The constipation is a new thing that we didn't notice last time we took him to the vet. We can't afford a vet visit right now so They won't help us at all with any questions we ask when we telephone them. Our dog is in such pain is there anything I can do? Thank You so much for Your time. -Customeredited>38380.1062809028

 I'm very concerned about the fact he cannot urinate.  This is a sign of blockage (i.e. crystals) and if left untreated Kaiser's chances are not good - this is a serious problem. You have to take him to the vet so he can drain his bladder/remove the blockage and prescribe the necessary med's and diet.

If he also has gall stones, this is adding to the problem of compromising his health.

With Kaiser in this condition and in so much pain, you will have to find a way to get treatment.  Ask your vet for a payment plan; call other vets if needed and ask if they will offer a payment plan; call your local humane society or animal rescue groups - many times they work with low cost clinics and can refer you to them.  You shouldn't take too much time finding where to go and what to do - this is an emergency situation and needs to be taken care of ASAP!

I do not feel comfortable offering constipation remedy's at this time because of the fact of his overall health condition being so serious, I do not want to jeopardize his health even more.

Jamie, Kaiser needs you right now - more than ever.  I'll be here if you need me but please consider what I have said okay?  Let me know if you go to the vet; the outcome; and if there is anything else you need. 

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