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Grunkels is a seven year old beared dragon. For the last

Customer Question

Grunkels is a seven year old beared dragon. For the last three day he has done nothing but sleep. It all started with him Throwing up his.super worms. His coloring is off two, very pale.
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. This sounds like it might be serious. I'll let the Veterinarian know what's going on ASAP. Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of about the bear?
Customer: Not really. Did have a chinchilla die about a week ago. But don't believe it is related.
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Reptile
Expert:  Joan replied 2 months ago.


My name is ***** ***** I have been a Vet tech for 35+ years and have worked with Beardies over 40 years.

Can you tell me about tank set up?


UVB light, linear tube or compact coil, strength, brand and sage?

Basking light type?

Diet Veggies/prey?


Temps im basking area, ambient temp and cool side?


Customer: replied 2 months ago.

2by3 ft. High tank. Only use zoo med lights. 100wt basking 75wt. Night. 5.0 uvb comp.florescent. temps rang from 75 to 90. Through out tank. I only use carpet substrate. He eat must. And collard greens.carrots, seedless cucumber. Red onion, mango, and a little bit of strawberries, he loves those. Don't give them very often though. Banded crickets, wax worms, super worms. Calcium once a week. And vitamin spray on veggies once aweek.

Expert:  Joan replied 2 months ago.

Your UVB is not strong enough I would replace that immediately. Dragons need a Reptisun 10.0 T5 bulb. The 5.0 is way too weak for Dragon's needs. The Veggies need some Improvement. Onins are toxic. They contain an ingredient called thiosulphate. This can cause Hemolytic anemia. You can feed dandelion greens, butternut squash, escarole curly endives. This is a veggies nutrition sheet:

Now as far as prey, No meal worms or super worms. They are not digestible due to the high amount of chitin, the can also cause Liver problems due to the high amount of fat.

Silk worms, dubia roaches, crickets horn worms and Phoenix worms are all acceptable.

Calcium should be 5 days a week and 2 days on the Vitamins.

Now for some First ail. Please give him a soak in a 50/50 Pedialyte soak for 20 mins. Make the water warm. When in the soak gently massage the abdomen from snout to vent. He may produce a stool. Tis soak is to warm up the body as well as hydrating him.

For emergency feeding use chicken baby food one part to green bean baby food one part and add some calcium and drop on snout to get him to lick it. He should weiilingly accept it.

He should perk up with the changes. If he does not, a Herp Vet will be needed. He may have a parasite issue, an organ issue or may be some type of an infection going on. If you need a Herp Vet please supply a State and I can locate some for you.