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Joan, Veterinary Technician
Category: Reptile
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Experience:  35+ years experience as veterinary tech and 40+ years experience doing reptile rescues.
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About a month ago i took my beardie into the vet for an eye

Customer Question

hello. about a month ago i took my beardie into the vet for an eye infection. with medication it seemed to go away within a week but lately its come back and my beardie has also become lathargic and is now wheezing. what do you suppose could be the problem?
JA: I'm sorry that beardie is feeling poorly. Could be a lot of things that cause lethargy. The Veterinarian will know how to help beardie. How old is beardie?
Customer: about 2 years old
JA: Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of about beardie?
Customer: like i said her eye infection is back. there is constant gooey stuff in them and usually when i look at her at night before i go to sleep i notice the gooey stuff is so bad she wont even open her eyes
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Reptile
Expert:  Joan replied 11 months ago.


My name is ***** ***** I have been a Vet tech for 30+ years with special interest in Reptiles and reptile Rescue.

Can you tell me about her habitat?

Temps in basking area, ambient and cool side?


UVB light linear tube or compact coil, strength, age of bulb, and brand or Mercury Vapor Bulb?

Basking light?

Diet Veggies/prey?


State to locate a Herp Vet?


Customer: replied 11 months ago.
of course. I have the heat lamp set up over a log she perches on and its about over there on the cooler side I'm not sure about the temp.
I used to have crushed walnut substrate and when I initially took her to the vet for her eye infection they told me to switch it to a reptile carpet instead because the substrate is most likely causing the problem.
The uvb bulb is from All Living Things, and is a 26 watt coil that I've had maybe a month now. The basking light is also from All Living Things and is a 100watt.
I mainly feed her hornworms, meal worms, super worms, and a variety of veggies like squash, spinach, carrots, peppers, collards, etc and then I will occasionally buy crickets for her as well. On her veggies I sprinkle Repti Calcium and I coat her worms and crickets in this as well. About 2 or 3 months ago I also bought some Herbivorous Reptile Treats that have vitamins in it and I mix that with her food occasionally.
South Carolina. Preferably somewhere near the Beaufort/Hilton Head area
Expert:  Joan replied 11 months ago.


Your Dragon is showing signs of a Respiratory infection which can be affect the eye. This will need a Herp Vet visit asap. I do want to let you know some corrections to diet need to be made we do not recommend meal worms or super worms because of the high chitin and fat content. The Horn worms, crickets, duba roaches, silk worms and phoenix worms are the acceptable feeders. You also may want to switch the all living things bulbs. We have report of them exploding and shattering in tanks. last spinach, kale and carrots are only ocassional veggies. This is a nutrition sheet:

For the eye right now you can use plain saline eye drops a couple of times a day. I would also like you to make sure the temps are 105-110 in basking area, 90's in ambient temps and 80's pn the cool side. The proper temps will help with the immune system.

This is a link for Herp Vets in NC:

Please let me know how she is doing after she sees the Vet. If I have addressed your concrens, please take a oment to rate my service 5 stars so I can be compensated for my time and answers by the site.


Expert:  Joan replied 11 months ago.

Checking in to see if you had your Dragon seen by the Herp Vet. Please let me know how he is doing?


Expert:  Joan replied 11 months ago.

I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?