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Ola Barrett
Ola Barrett,
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Experience:  Veterinarian at Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital
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My bearded dragon is almost a year old. About 4 months ago

Customer Question

My bearded dragon is almost a year old. About 4 months ago he started swelling in his limbs the front right first then the back left. I took him to a vet who put him on antibiotics for 3 weeks. The swelling stopped and started to subside in the two limbs. After about another two weeks he started to swell again but now in the back back right as well. The vet put him on another dose of 3 weeks of antibiotics and again the swelling stopped and started to subside. He has been off the antibiotics almost 3 weeks and again the swelling is starting again now affecting his last unswollen limb. Do you have any recommendations for what might be causing this swelling in his limbs. He is otherwise normal as far as eats regularly and poopes regularly. Thank you
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Reptile
Expert:  Ola Barrett replied 1 year ago.

Swelling in the limbs that shifts from one leg to another could be either the sound of an infection disease process causing protein loss out of the the vessels into the surrounding tissue or could also be a circulatory (e.g. heart) problem causing this. I would recommend taking him for a recheck exam and having his blood pressure checked, general blood work (complete blood count, blood chemistry and urinalysis) and possibly an infectious disease titer to rule out something other than a bacterial infection. Your vet may also want to aspirate any fluid that is present in the areas of swelling.

Expert:  Ola Barrett replied 1 year ago.

Hello, just checking to see how your bearded dragon is doing and if my advice helped you? If so, I would greatly appreciate a positive rating. If you have other questions or I can help you further with this please let me know?