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I have a bearded dragon about 7 years old. We had the wrong

Customer Question

I have a bearded dragon about 7 years old. We had the wrong bulb on him for 2-3 months and he cannot walk real well and his tongue dosn't quite work right also lack of appetite. I have been giving him pedialite baths and have the correct bulbs on him i have been trying to force feed him calcium dusted crickets. Is there a medication i should give him or anything else i can do?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Reptile
Expert:  Jeremy-DVM replied 2 years ago.
Hi, I'm Dr. Jeremy.The reason that he can't eat could be two fold. Calcium and lighting are important for bones, with out it he might have "rubber jaw" and he can't physically crunch the cricket to eat it. The other thing that happens is that Calcium is also important in smooth mussels, like the tong and even his legs. Not being able to use the calcium, because of the old light, he can't move his tong or even control his jaw to eat. He needs to get calcium, see if you can find a liquid version. Depending on the light he also needs to be under it for 12 -14 hrs and maybe as close as 12inches from the bulb to get the most out of it. What bulb did you get? Keeping him hydrate is good and you should try to feed him, I like squished wax worms for feeding sick dragons. It told awhile to get this way and it's going to take awhile to get better. Your looking at weeks, maybe longer.