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I adopted a beardie that was a year old but very small. He

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I adopted a beardie that was a year old but very small. He was hiding all the time. I replaced his UVB Bulb and that side of his tank is about 86*. His basking side is a 100 watt basking bulb and the temp is 105*. At first he wouldn't eat and I was worried. I finally bought a juvenile supplement that he will eat some and he likes endive. He doesn't eat a lot but will eat some. I also feed him crickets but I'm not sure how many or how often because technically he should be a juvenile but he is still very small. Now that he is eating, he is basking and is currently shedding. I thnk we are making progress. His tail looks thicker and his feet look bigger. I am putting calcium on his food. I just have nothing to compare him to.


Can you tell me what substrate you are using?

What type of UVB light are you using? Florescent tube or compact coil, strength, brand?

How big is the Dragon snout to tip of tail?

How old is he supposed to be?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I bought the carpet that goes in his cage for the floor. His UVB light is a compact coil ReptiSun 10.0 It was just changed 2 months ago. I know to change it every 6 months.

He is 8 3/4 " for tip of head to tip of tail.

Best as we know he was born Apriip 2012 which would make him about 16 months old.


He is a little small for his age. He should be at least 12" long for the age. The UVB you bough, should be excheanged for a Reptisun 10.0 florescent tube which is much safer for the Dragon. The compact coil bulbs can affect the eyes causing Photo Kerato Conjunctivitis. The UVB bulb does not give off heat. The basking light is what supplies heat. The red bulbs are actually very dangerous and can cause thermal burns. They can be used at night if the temps drop into the 60's, but should not be used on a regular basis. The tank you have is way too small for the Dragon. They require floor space, so a 40 gallon breeder tank is idea for a Dragon.

The diet is the next issue we have to deal with. Dragons under a year old need
to have 80% live prey and 20% veggies. Over a year we reverse the ratios. The live prey should include crickets, roaches, silk worms, phoenix worms and Goliath worms. Meal worms and super worms are too high in chitin which is the hard outer shell. Wax worms are like feeding candy. As far as veggies, lettuce holds no nutritional value and carrots if given too often can actually cause eye problems. I suggest collard greens, mustard greens, dandelion greens, escarole, curly endives butternut squash and various berries for a treat. This is a good food chart:

to order feeders you can get them here: or Hopefully this will give you a guidline to help get Kurt Warner back on track and growing into a full size Dragon. Please let me know if you have further questions about the care and I will be happy to continue with you. Joan

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