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My bearded dragon pooped so I oicked him up to give him a

Customer Question

My bearded dragon pooped so I oicked him up to give him a bath. When I was cleaning him I noticed something black and hard on his butt I thought it was dry poop but it isn't, what is it??
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Reptile
Expert:  Joan replied 4 years ago.


Did you bathe him and the area was still there?

Does it look like Flesh protruding?

Can you post a picture of the area? You can use the paper clip icon in the tool bar above the text box or you can use Photobucket and post a link here.

What type of diet do you feed?

How old is Chumlee?

What substrate are you using?



UVB bulb florescent tube or compact coil?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Temps are what they should be, he has a wonderful green leafy diet w meal worms and a fuzzy once a month. His lighting is a tube not coil calcium substrate It's not fleshy but it's black and hard sorry I am not able to send a picture using my iPhone I can't seem to copy and paste picture. Thank you, ***** *****

Expert:  Joan replied 4 years ago.


I need the Temps to be sure. There is a lot of poor informayion that is given and the temps make a big difference. I need the basking area Temp, warm side and cool side.

How old is the UVB bulb?

State to locate a reptile Vet?


I will respond when I get this information.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Joan I am not satisfied with your responses-- I researched more on my own and found out what that thing that was on my bearded dragons butt-- it was a sperm plug-- unfortunately I wasted $15 on you giving me the run around instead of giving me possibilities of what it might have been-- I'm irritated by you and I think you guys are a rip off-- please do not respond to me.
Thank you for nothing
Expert:  Joan replied 4 years ago.


I asked specific questions to assist you and did not get a response for over 4 days. I have not been paid and will ask that your money be refunded or you can use this link to process the refund because your deposit remains with the site: . I need a picture so I could see what you dragon was dealing with. I am so sorry, that I was not able to assist you. Joan