I have had my bearded dragon for 1 week and just in the past day he has been closing his left eye. It doesnt seem to be

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Customer: I have had my bearded dragon for 1 week and just in the past day he has been closing his left eye.
It doesnt seem to be swollen.
Answered by Jav917 in 6 mins 9 years ago
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Age of Spike?
Can you tell me about the set up?
UVB light and how old? Florescent tube or coil, strength, brand of bulb?

Basking light?

Temps and how measured?

Diet prey/ Veggies?



Passing stool?

Last shed?


He has a double light fixture with a 10 UVB coil bulb in one side and the other hold the infrared 75w for night. Then I have a separate fixture that has the 75w basking light that he lays under all the time.
The temps rage from 75-80 on cool side and 90-95 under basking light.
I feed him 10 crickets twice a day sprinkle with the calcium each feeding.
Tried to feed him collard careens and mustard green mixed with egg, blueberries, strawberries. But he is not to keen on eating those.
I also fed him at least 3-4 mealworms on Tuesday and Thursday. As per the pet store was feedin him. Tried to sleep to that schedule.
Not sure of his age. He is about 6 inches long.
They told me he was at least 6 months.
I also have reptile carpet for bedding with a tre under the basking light.


You have gotten some poor information. A 6" dragon is possibly 3-4 months old. They also sold you a coil UVB which can be a problem with the eye. The Coil bulbs can cause a problem called Photo Kerato Conjunctivitis. You can read about that here: Compact UVB problems: http://www.uvguide.co.uk/phototherapyphosphor-info.htm The red bulb is not a basking light and should only be used for heat. You should have a plain white light bulb that is made for Reptiles that suppies heat and light for basking. I suggest a reptisun 10.0 Florescent tube instead of the coil type bulb. http://www.anapsid.org/uvtable.html As far as temps, they should be 105*F-110*F basking tem, 90's for warm side and 80's for cool side. The diet should be 80% live prey and 20% veggies:

You should be feeding Collard greens, mustard greens, dandelion
greens, escarole and curly endives. Butternut squash and various berries are
great for a treat. The Veggies should be put in fresh daily, and done about an
hour after lights on. The live prey should include crickets, silk worms, roaches,goliath worms and phoenix worms.The meal worms are high in chitin which is the outer shells and can cause a blockage, so I do not recommend them as a staple feeder.

Super worms and wax worms are like giving the Dragon candy. All veggies and prey should be dusted with calcium daily 5 days a week and vitamins 2 days a week. This is a nutrition chart: http://www.beautifuldragons.com/Nutritionframeset.html

What I suggest is use a drop of plain saline without preservatives in the eye to make sure there is no debris. This should soothe the eye. If the eye continues to give him problems then I suggest a Herp Vet visit to rule out any scratches or corneal ulcer. Please let me know if you have further questions and I will be happy to continue with you. My goal is 100% excellent service. Joan

So he needs like three differant temps? One side cool the middle basking and the other side warm.
Or is the cool side during the night? Not sure what you meant in the last sentence for paragrapg one.
He doesnt seem to be eating the greens is that because he was fed crickets first. How do I get him to eat them?
The infrared basking light i use at night to keep the temps up because my house is kept at like 67-70 degrees at night, I was afraid that it was too cold for him. When I went to wake him he was stiss I thought he was dead.


Under the basking light which should be a white bulb that gives heat and a full spectrum bulb the temps should read 105*-110*F. The aur temps on the warm side of the tank should be in the 90's and the cook side of the tank should be in the mid 80's/ You need two day time lights. The first that I suggest is the UVB which is used to metabolize calcium into vitamin D3 in the body. The other light is for basking and should be giving off heat to bask under and dhould be a full spectrum daylight bulb. The red light can be used at night to keep the temps in the 70's. The diet you feed needs to be more prey when they are young and after a year old they need to revese and eat 80% veggies and less prey. What I do is put the veggies in daily and try a little fruit baby food over it to entice the dragon to eat it. It does take time to get them interested in veggies.


Hi Mary, I'm just following up on our conversation about Spike. How is everything going? Joan
He is doing good. He seems to be scratching his head and it seems like he is shedding. His eyes are open. Been eating a lot more crickets. Also changed his lighting.


Great news! Keep up the good work! Joan

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