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Our Jacksons Chameleon has a very swollen eye. Though the

Resolved Question:

Our Jackson's Chameleon has a very swollen eye. Though the eye is swollen shut I'm not at all certain that it's swollen due to infection. Any suggestions? Thanks
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Reptile
Expert:  Dr. Angela replied 7 years ago.
I have read this posting about your Jackson's who has a swollen eye. I understand that you lanced the tissue under the eye with no drainage. Swelling in the eye(s) of reptiles is most often caused by infection, especially if it is only one eye. Even though you did not get drainage, infection would still be the most likely cause. I would recommend taking him to a reptile vet who will examine him and treat the eye according to the findings. The incision from the lancing is also a source of infection (as well as pain) and is all the more reason to get him seen so he can be treated with antibiotics. When I lance a swollen area on a reptile's body, I numb the area with lidocaine and I give an injection of pain medication. If you are unable to seek veterinary care, I would recommend taking a warm washcloth and holding it on the eye for several minutes. Then I would manually open the eye by firmly but gently separating the eyelids pulling the top eyelid upward and the lower eyelid downward. Once you have gotten the eye to open, some pus or discharge might come out. You can rinse the eye with saline solution (the same solution you would use to rinse your eyes). Keeping the eye from getting pasted shut is a key in treating eye infections. There are other problems that can cause eye swelling such as nutritional imbalances, improper lighting, etc. However, these problems usually manifest as both eyes being swollen. I hope this is helpful information. Please let me know if you have more questions about this. I do hope he will be feeling better very soon. Take care.
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