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My pet red-eared slider has a mass protruding from his rectum;

Resolved Question:

My pet red-eared slider has a mass protruding from his rectum; I'm hoping to bring him in emergency care, but am wondering what treatment options exist for the following:
1) Collapsed rectum
2) Penile prolapse
and also, what do these afflictions typically cost to treat?
I am worried sick, and just waiting for my check to clear tonight; I don't want to get taken advantage of in my desperate state!
Please help!
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Reptile
Expert:  Joan replied 8 years ago.


What you are describing is a prolapse. This needs to be addressed by a Vet, but in the mean time we can do some serious first aid to help him/her. I would like you to take some table sugar and moisten it into a paste, Place it on a moist paper towel that has been wet with cool water. Apply the paste to the area of the Vent where the prolapse is. This may be a rectal prolapse or a Hemipenal prolapse. The Vet will be able to suture the prolapse back in place. I can help locate a Herp Vet with a city and state. This will need to be done asap. Joan

Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Thank you for getting back to me! I live in Somerville, MA (near Boston), and am hoping to find somewhere I can bring my lil guy before I have to be at work tomorrow morning(Thursday). Can you give me a rough estimate of what this might cost, and what meds/after-care may be necessary? I was warned that certain emergency clinics take advantage of folks who are desperate to get their beloved pets back to health...

Expert:  Joan replied 8 years ago.


If you follow the first aid protocols and keep the prolapsed moist with the sugar paste, it should hold until the am. I will tell you that they will have to tack the prolapse in place, so you are most likely looking at about $150.00 for the surgery, meds and follow up. I will give you a couple of links with Vets in the area. ER clinics are not always equipted to deal with a small turtle with a prolapse. Joan

These Vets specialize in turtles:

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