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My daughter saw a small black snake in my basement. I went

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My daughter saw a small black snake in my basement. I went down but I could't find it. I live in St. Louis, Missouri county. I don't know what to do. Can you help? could this snake be deadly to a person or pet. I am also wondering if there are other and this snake is not alone. Please HELP!



How big was the snake?

Were there any makings on the body?

Was it a solid color?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My daughter said it was a small black snake. She said it was dark in the basement and the snake was crawling away into the corner of the basement by an old washer machine that is broken down, nothing more. she was afraid and ran back to tell me.


From the sound of what your daughter may have seen it was a non venomous snake that found its way in following after some food.There are very few venomous snakes in Missouri. Most like it is a stray and will get out the same way it got in. I am going to give a link to the non vemomous snakes in your area. Maybe your daughter can look at the pictures to identify it. I suspect this may be a black rat snake since it will chase after a mouse. Joan This link has pictures to identify the snake.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So you don't think this snake is looking for a place to stay for the winter and it will find it way back out? She also said it look like maybe a baby snake. what can I do to keep this from happing again? I thought I had fill in all open in my house but I see I must have miss a spot.


This is the season that baies hatch and they are hungry and chasing food. To keep them away, you will need to clean leaf litter away and clear shrubbery away from the house. This should keep the food source away as well as the snakes since shrubbery and leaf litter is a great hiding place for the snake as well as their prey will want to seal off any cracks or holes. You can try putting out some sticky traps to see if you can catch the snake, but I suspect it is gone by now. Joan

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I hope it is gone. I hate to think of a snake in my house. You don't think it will make it way up in the main area of the house? The venomous snakes, are they in my area ( St. Louis, MO. County)?


The types of Venomous snakes do not match the description that your daugher has given. Several are Rattle snakes, one is a water Moccasin and one is a Copperhead.Most likely this was a rat snake or garter snake from the size and description. Even small the Rattle snakes can be very aggressive. I am pretty sure your basement guest is on its way to find some prey in another area. Joan

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you Joan! This help me to rest easy tonight.


I live in Fl, where we see a little of everything, so your dilema is an everyday question for me.I hope you will sleep easier tonight. Joan

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