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Dr. Bruce
Dr. Bruce, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  15 years of experience as a small animal veterinarian
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His penis is swollen seems more round than usual, I'm assuming

Customer Question

His penis is swollen seems more round than usual, I'm assuming it's swollen . I have a cold compress I just started
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. What is the dog's name and age?
Customer: Rockstar , 10. Toy Maltese
JA: What is the Maltese's name?
Customer: Rockstar
JA: Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of about Rockstar?
Customer: No he for majority of his life has no internal sicknesses
Submitted: 3 months ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Bruce replied 3 months ago.
Hi. My name is***** Can you post a picture of what you are seeing here?
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Sending now.Just put him in water up to his penis to marinate a little bit
Expert:  Dr. Bruce replied 3 months ago.
Is his penis out of the sheath?
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Did u recv the photo
It is out
I have cold compress on it and soaked him in a cool bath
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Is anyone responding ???
Expert:  Dr. Bruce replied 3 months ago.
It was hard to see it as you had a straight on picture. I didn't know if it was the prepuce. If the penis is out and engorged, that is called a paraphimosis. It needs to go back in. Honestly, some can do it at home with a cold compress applied to the exposed penis to help reduce its size. Sugar water applied to it can help reduce swelling too. Sometimes a little tug on the prepuce forward is needed too. At my ER we see those that don't go back in. These may need sedation and more cooling solution to help pull the sheath back over.
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
I don't see the remedy for sugar water and don't want to leave this age.
I asked for a callHavent got one yet.What do I do for sugar waterAnd how long should I keep a cold compress on him?
Expert:  Dr. Bruce replied 3 months ago.
Sugar water can be made by adding a cup of sugar to a pint of water. Dissolve it and make it cold and then apply. I can't do a call at this time. As far as getting this in on your own, it may or may not be possible.
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
How long does it take to process to request a call ???????????
Expert:  Dr. Bruce replied 3 months ago.
What may be making it hard to get the penis back in is hair at the base of the penis from the tip of the prepuce either wrapping around it or hair causing a lot of friction there. Sometimes these are very hard for me to even reduce under sedation. Can you contact a vet to get him in?
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Disregard calling me.
This service was not helpful whatsoever !
Expert:  Dr. Bruce replied 3 months ago.
Is the penis back in at this time? I am very sorry about the call as that is something I can't do. This was the system offering it and not myself.
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
I am at the vet
Expert:  Dr. Bruce replied 3 months ago.
That is great that you are there! They will correct this in the best way with the least stress on him. When I have them at my ER, I will sedate some of the to facilitate the process of getting it back in. I will after getting it back in shave the fur around the tip of the prepuce to reduce possible future hair from getting caught on the penis and trapping it out again.