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Dr. Gary
Dr. Gary, Dog Veterinarian
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We just moved to Florida from Montana and we are treating

Customer Question

We just moved to Florida from Montana and we are treating him for yeast overgrowth because he is biting his feet and has discoloration on his paws that allergy meds are not helping. However, the big issue is his recurring diarrhea. We started him back on a raw diet once we got established but now he isn't wanting to eat much of anything and he actually walks away to avoid his food plate. He is on an intestinal sponge which seems to be helping a little but it is not helping his appetite.
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. Have you looked to see if there is a wound on their foot?
Customer: Yes and the vet can't find anything either. He does have a lump just under his duoclaw pads though but they seem to be getting better with apple cider vinegar baths.
JA: The Veterinarian will know what to do. What is the dog's name and age?
Customer: Cooper and he is 8
JA: Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of about Cooper?
Customer: He just had knee surgery 3 months ago.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Kelly Hill replied 11 months ago.

Hi this is Dr. Hill. Please give me a moment to type my full response.

Expert:  Kelly Hill replied 11 months ago.

What treatment is he on for the yeast overgrowth? It sounds like Cooper has allergies. They are usually a combination of environmental (inhalant allergens) and food. With the symptoms showing up after you moved to a different part of the country, it sounds like his are more environmental. You can have him tested for environmental allergies through your veterinarian (I like Spectrum Labs for this). I would do a region and food panel, so that you get complete information. You have to be careful with raw diets. If you are set on a raw diet, I would go with a dehydrated raw diet, like Honest Kitchen. It is a safer option. We can see bacterial issues with raw diets which can cause diarrhea. Because his stomach is upset right now he may need to be on something very bland. Please list his current medications and supplements.