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Kelly Hill
Kelly Hill, Veterinarian
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Dog is lethargic and has not peed or pooped.

Customer Question

My dog is acting lethargic and hasn’t peed or pooped today. She is a 9.5 lb Maltipoo and is aged 4. Her name is Callie . Her belly is full and she seems comfortable and doesn’t move. I gave her a steroid dose for her Addison’s disease. That usually causes a lot of peeing, but she has only peed this morning. No 24 hour vets around and I am new to the area and haven’t established a vet yet. Is this something that can wait until tomorrow? She is not acting like she wants to move at all. Usually pees about 8 times a day and poops 2-3 times.
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Kelly Hill replied 12 months ago.
Callie is Addisonian. Does she take a daily dose of prednisone? Has she eaten today? When was the last time she had blood work?
Customer: replied 12 months ago.
she ate this morning but is usually very excited to eat and for dinner she didn't seem interested but ate. She only gets a dose of steroids about 3 times a week. She's been acting fine until today. Blood work was done in December. She's constipated.
Expert:  Kelly Hill replied 12 months ago.

If she has not urinated today and is not wanting to move, I worry that she may not be able to urinate. Also, not wanting to move around can be a sign of pain. Because she is an Addisonian, it is usually very important for the to be on daily prednisone. When was her last bowel movement? Has she been staining to defecate? How much does she weigh and what dose of prednisone are you giving?

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
My regular vet is fine with the dosage and she had been just fine until today. She is not trying to poop or pee. Just wants to lie down. I already stated she weighs 9.5 lbs. she gets oral prednisone about 75 ml.
She's not drinking water either although she isn't a big water drinker any day. She tests very mildly for Addison's and hasn't changed much at all in 4 yrs. Her belly is slightly distended and full and tight. Thought dose of steroid might be needed but that didn't change anything.
Expert:  Kelly Hill replied 12 months ago.

Yes. It is good that she is not straining. The tight belly usually indicates abdominal pain. Did she have a normal stool yesterday and just has not defecated today?

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
normal pee and stool yesterday. One pee today and no stool.
Expert:  Kelly Hill replied 12 months ago.

Is there anything she could have gotten into? Does she get any people food or high fat treats? Did she eat normal amounts today?

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
nothing that I'm aware of. I'm home all day, so it's hard for her to get to anything without me noticing. She is on Hill's Metabolic Diet and Hill's Digestive Diet canned food mixture. I gave her extra food last night to finish off can. About a tablespoon more. She got a few pieces of thin tortilla chips as she usually gets a few times a week yesterday, none today. Usually starving to eat, but today was interested in the morning and this evening she ate it all, but wasn't excited about it. I wouldn't have fed her if I had realized she hadn't pooped. Once before, she ate too much food and the stool was too big to come out for awhile. She hasn't tried to poop or pee even when I put her on her puppy pads. Seems uncomfortable.
Expert:  Kelly Hill replied 12 months ago.

Unless, you can think of anything that she may have gotten into, I worry more about her having issues with her Addison's ds. Addisonian's are not able to handle even small stressors without needing an increase in their prednisone dose. I strongly encourage to have her seen at a local hospital in the morning. Take all of her medications and any copies of her previous bloodworm. If you moved relatively recently, then the stress of the move could have caused enough stress to set her off balance.

I don't get too worried about not having a bowel movement for a day or two as long as they are not actively straining. It sounds more like she has abdominal pain which could be associated with the Addisons or something completely separate. I would get her to local hospital in the morning. Consider an emergency clinic tonight is she gets worse. I know you said there are no 24 hr vets local. Maybe I can help you find one. What area are you in?

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
There are none around except some with very bad reviews and it's dangerous to go out at night. I will watch her, and see. I didn't just recently move--that's been awhile and I use her vet on the phone in another state and was planning on seeing him in a few weeks. She should be peeing with the dose of steroids as she usually pees at least 8-9 times a day when receiving a dose. I live outside Atlanta and I can't see to drive at night, nor is it safe. So, in your opinion, not peeing or pooping can wait until the morning?
She usually poops up to 3 times a day and nothing today.
Expert:  Kelly Hill replied 12 months ago.

I understand. Not defecating can definitely wait until morning. If she is not straining or dribbling urine, then it is probably safe to wait until morning. Sorry she is not well. Difficult situation with not being able to drive at night. Hope this has helped and that your veterinarian is able to help her feel better tomorrow.