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Sally G.
Sally G., Dog Training Consultant
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My dog seemed to have a case of kennel cough, but was fine

Customer Question

My dog seemed to have a case of kennel cough, but was fine in all other ways. Overnight, she seemed to develop fever, and is not wanting to move around. I picked her up to go potty outside, she did, then returned to a stance, not wanting to lay down or move. I helped her lay down, but she sat back up, and stayed there several minutes. She is vomiting, or hacking, along with her cough. I moved her to a clean area of the yard, and she reamined standing in one spot for some time, but finally laid herself down. I just adopted her form the shelter last week, and she is about 4 months old.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Sally G. replied 1 year ago.

Hello and thank you for using this site to help you. In many cases Kennel Cough is let go to run its course because it is similar to a common cold in humans. However there are times it turns into an infection of the lungs and will need antibiotics.

I would take her temperature rectally to see if there is a fever and how high it is. IF it is 100.5 to 102.5 then it is normal, anything nearing 103 or higher and she should definitely be seen by your vet.

You said she is vomiting and hacking up something?