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Dr Scott Nimmo
Dr Scott Nimmo, Small Animal Veterinarian.
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 20755
Experience:  BVMS, MRCVS. { Glasgow UK }
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I'm pretty sure my 80 lb golden retriever has a uti. Can i

Customer Question

I'm pretty sure my 80 lb golden retriever has a uti. Can i give her cefdinir 300 mg 1/day?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr Scott Nimmo replied 2 years ago.

Hello, and welcome.

My name is***** I am an experienced small animal veterinary surgeon and I will be very pleased to work with you today and will try my best to answer your question to your satisfaction.

1. This is a short answer I know but it 100% covers your question. Cefdinir is a third generation cephalosporin antibiotic. Unfortunately it is not commonly used in veterinary medicine so there is not a lot of information about possible adverse effects in dogs, for this reason it would be best avoided in your present situation.

2. Your best way forward is to have a local vet confirm the diagnosis { Diagnosis other than an uncomplicated UTI are always possible } and prescribe an antibiotic more suitable for the task.

3. Until you can get to the vet I can tell you that I am aware that lots of owners use cranberry juice as a home remedy for cystitis in the dog and there may well be something in this. You could either use human quality cranberry juice or there are remedies for sale in pet stores which have cranberry as an active constituent. Another home remedy is vitamin C tablets which you would give on a pro rata dose rate basis between your dog's weight and the human dose, crush them if you have to.

It would also be good to encourage your dog to drink as much as possible, say by giving her very dilute milk ...

I hope I have covered your question fully enough but if you would like further clarification or to talk things over a bit more then I will be on-line for the next hour or so and I will be more than pleased to continue working with you.


Dr Scott

Please be kind enough to rate my service to you after we have concluded our dialogue, such feedback helps me maintain the quality of my answers.

Expert:  Dr Scott Nimmo replied 1 year ago.

Hello again,

I am just checking back in to see how your dog is getting on after our recent dialogue concerning the UTI ...

How are things going?


Dr Scott

Please be kind enough to rate my service to you { Using the site rating system }, such feedback really helps me maintain the quality of my answers.