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Dr. Drew
Dr. Drew, Veterinarian
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My 6 yr old female Australian Shepherd may have eaten some

Customer Question

My 6 yr old female Australian Shepherd may have eaten some dead yellow jackets that had been sprayed with Spectracide Wasp Spray.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Drew replied 1 year ago.

Hi, I'm a licensed veterinarian and I'll be happy to help.

Typically, this sort of situation is not life-threatening.

IN general, most household insect control products are not highly toxic to dogs, when used in accordance with labeled directions. The amount of insecticide that would be contained on a few dead yellow jackets, would be expected to be low enough as to not cause major issues. Signs of toxic effects from the insecticide, could include tremors, shaking, seizures, confusion / disorientation. Less severe effects include nausea or salivation.

I would expect to see some vomiting, but this should last a short time. If it persists, or if any of the other signs mentioned above occur, then I would surely recommend veterinary attention.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. Holly does not have increased salvation and no signs of tremors or shaking. She sometimes breathes hard as she is laying down when she has been excited, we arrived in NC from a 10 hr car trip earlier this evening, but I have not noticed her side show a heartbeat before. She does seem a little restless.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I will continue to watch her. The info in your answer has helped immensely especially since I do not have a vet here. We live in Central FL.
Expert:  Dr. Drew replied 1 year ago.

I'm glad to hear that her signs are mild at this time. I hope she continues to improve as the night goes on and hopefully she'll be back to herself by morning.

Expert:  Dr. Drew replied 1 year ago.
I'm just following up on our conversation about Holly. How is everything going?
Dr. Drew
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you, again! Holly is doing well. I watched her for another hour for any signs of further symptoms or increased heart beat or irregular beats. All was fine so I let myself go to sleep. She was fine in the am.
Expert:  Dr. Drew replied 1 year ago.

That's great to hear, thank you for the update!!