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Candy, Veterinary Technician
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Experience:  Practicing Veterinary Technician for 26 years.Former Veterinary Practice Owner, Technician Trainer
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My dogs stomach was making loud noises this morning which has

Customer Question

My dogs stomach was making loud noises this morning which has happened before. But then she threw up 3 times and it had a brownish color. She just threw up again but now it's a clear color. Is there something I can give her to help with a upset stomach
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Candy replied 2 years ago.
I am sorry to hear that Hunni Bear is not feeling well. My name is ***** ***** I would be happy to help you today. There are many casues for this amount of vomiting including but not limited to* Pancreatitis* Diet changes* Eating something she should not such as a toxin or foreign object* Kidney/liver disease* Bacterial infection* If she is not spayed we always worry about a uterine infection in a senior dog. We can try some at home treatment however it is important to note that giving oral medications for nausea when a pet is vomiting may not work if they vomit up the medication. Many times we have to give injectable medications to stop the nausea and vomiting. What I would suggest is the following *with hold all food for 12 hours. You can offer ice cubes to help with hydration* Pepcid AC- 0.5mgs per pound of body weight every 12 hours.After the fast you want to feed a bland diet of boiled chicken or hamburger and rice. Feed this in small meals several times per day for the next 2 days. On the 3rd day you can mix this with her kibble. If she refuses to eat after the fast or has any additional vomiting then because of the number of times she has vomited and her age I would get her in to the vet right away. I hope this helps and she feels better soon. Please reply back if you have additional questions and I will be happy to continue. Once our conversation has ended please take a few minutes to provide a rating so that Justanswer compensates me for assisting you today.Candy