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Rosie_MRCVS, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  BVetMedMRCVS, ten years experience in busy first opinion and ER small animal practices in England
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My yorkie chihuahua pekingnese mix breed 3 and a half

Customer Question

Hello, my yorkie chihuahua pekingnese mix breed 3 and a half year old dog had a c section about 24 hours ago. 1 out of 4 survived and is nursing from her mother. I'd say for the past 12 hours, she has remained in the same position, only drinking water when i feed it to her and eating small amounts when we bring it close to her mouth. We also gave her medication after she ate, which the vet recommended. Is this behavior normal? The suture line is okay, I believe, and the belly swelling has about the same. She isn't breathing or wheezing heavy any more but noticeably takes more breathes in a minute as evidenced by her belly going up and down.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Rosie_MRCVS replied 2 years ago.
Hi I'm Rosie one of the vets and I'd like to try and help you. To be honest I am slightly concerned by what you are saying. After a c-section (and I have done a lot, as I used to run an emergency clinic) patients should be naturally a little bit sore but basically back to normal after the surgery. She should be ambulatory (walking around) as normal, alert, tending to her puppy and wanting to eat. You shouldn't need to bring water to her. Sometimes they can have increased breathing patterns if they are a bit sore after the surgery, but taken as a whole I think it would be worthwhile getting her checked out. If I were you I would take her to your vets, and if they are shut I would get her checked out by an emergency clinic. If she isn't drinking much water and yet still drinking milk she could easily become dehydrated. Likewise, if she's not eating and feeding the puppy this will put huge strain on her system. My worry is that if you don't get her checked out she could go downhill quite quickly and end up seriously ill. The fact that she's not walking is worrying to me. I hope I've helped - and sorry that i think this warrants a visit to the emergency clinic, but from what you've described I really think it does. If you have any questions, or need clarification, then just get back to me. Otherwise, if you have found this useful, please leave a positive rating so that I may be compensated for my time. Thank you, ***** ***** luck, Rosie.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello,She has gotten up a few times and walked around to pee on the pee pads. Honestly she looks a lot better than just a few hours ago. She ate high quality puppy food out of my hands and has drank some water. When she did walk she was a bit out of sorts and somewhat wobbly. My main concern is that she has not licked the pup and has made a gesture that looks like she is cleaning or wiping her nose towards the pup, but doesnt hit or bite her pup. I fear she may be rejecting the pup.
Expert:  Rosie_MRCVS replied 2 years ago.
I'm pleased to hear that she is up, walking and eating. Sometimes they do reject the puppy, and there's nothing really that you can do to force them to accept it. I would keep a close watch on things, and if she really isn't feeding the pup then I'm afraid you will have to bottle feed it. The key with bottle feeding is to do it slowly and gently, with some patience. I would also recommend getting some good quality puppy formula to have on hand, just in case. Royal canin do a really nice one called Babydog (no imagination!) which includes a bottle and teat. There are detailed instructions on how much to feed based on age and weight of the pup on the packaging.