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Lisa, Certified Vet Tech
Category: Dog
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Experience:  AAS Vet Tech. Bully breed rehab & Behavior modification
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My dog was recently in a dog fight where he was scuffed up

Customer Question

My dog was recently in a dog fight where he was scuffed up and bit a couple small times. I bathed him and Cleaned his wounds and after that its gotten worse hr scabs and puss bumps all around his neckline where his collar rests on him as well as on his
throat and down his chest almost up under him. He is a pitbull and the other dog as well. Both are having theae same problems what is wrong and what can i do please help
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Lisa replied 2 years ago.
Hi there. My name is ***** ***** I'm happy to help you with your question today. Just like an in person consult, I have a couple questions of my own to ensure I give you the best advice possible...
Are both Bigface and the other dog up to date on vaccines?
How is he acting?
Is he eating/drinking normally?
How long ago did this happen?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hes acting fine as well as the othee dog and i know bigface is up to date and believe the other dog is as well ... This happened a couple of weeks ago
Expert:  Lisa replied 2 years ago.
Great! Thanks for the additional information. I really appreciate it.
So here's my concern...I strongly suspect your boy (and probably the other dog) has a pretty good infection going on.
When a dog bites another dog (or a person), they generally don't just bite and let go. They bite and either pull away or shake their heads, which causes those teeth to drive in deeper, and also causes the tissue, muscles, tendons under the bite spot to get pulled away from the body, which tears them.
Add to that the fact that a dog's mouth is very, very dirty, which means the bacteria is being driven deep into the underlying tissue. So you did a good thing by washing the area right away...but there's no way for you to clean the deep tissue, and that's where our problem lies.
Your Bigface (and the other dog) definitely need to be seen by a vet for some antibiotics. At this point it's too late to do any deep cleaning (it's called debriding) but a few days of some high power antibiotics will likely get things cleared up.
If this were my dog, I've give my regular vet a call when they open and have them take a peek. We definitely don't want to wait any longer since that infection is around his neck. If it gets too bad, the swelling can actually compromise his breathing, and we absolutely don't want that to happen to the big guy.
I hope this helps....and please do me a favor...even after you rate/accept my answer today...touch base with me in a couple days and let me know how he's doing.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
What kind of antibiotics does he need
Expert:  Lisa replied 2 years ago.
It's hard to say. It will depend on how bad the vet thinks the infection is.
At our clinic, we used to send out Clindamycin for it, which is effective against aerobic (bacteria that needs oxygen to survive) and anaerobic (bacteria that doesn't need oxygen to survive), but Clindamycin has some moderate gastrointestinal upset as a side effect.
Other vets prefer to use something different, so it will depend on what the vet feels will be the most appropriate for Bigface.