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I'm researching worms in puppies. I got my border collie

Customer Question

Hi! I'm researching worms in puppies. I got my border collie pup at 5 weeks old last Friday the 22nd. He had been wormed on that day and received his first shot. I noticed he had a pot belly and has been scooting on his bottom for the last 2-3 days. I saw little white "rice pellets" in his fecal just now and was wondering if that was just him passing the worms it if he needed another treatment. He had been constipated over the weekend but is now regular and pot belly is slimming down. He doesn't show signs of discomfort or pain.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Jane Lefler replied 2 years ago.
Hi Sir or Madam,
My name is ***** ***** I’ve been involved professionally with dogs in the health and behavioral fields for over 18 years. It will be my pleasure to work with you today.
Worms lay eggs in mom and they often will lay dormant in the mom until the hormones from pregnancy trigger them to hatch. This helps ensure the worms survival as they are then passed to the puppies either via mom's milk or ingestion of an infected flea in the case of tapeworms or the accidental ingestion of an segment.
Deworming should always be done a minimum of two times. The first time you are killing the adult worms. After that you should give about 2 weeks for any eggs to hatch but not so much time that they become adults and lay more eggs, so around 2-3 weeks after the first deworming, the pup should be dewormed again.
The other thing to remember is often the dewormer used for puppies covers common puppy worms like whipworms and round worms and does not kill tapeworms. Roundworms often resemble spaghetti noodles curled up while tapeworms resemble small grains of rice in the fecal matter. For additional information about worms, see this site
Common dewormers are Panacur, which is a prescription product so you need to obtain it from your Vet and it works on roundworms and whipworms. Wormers labeled as Pyrantel Pamoate are the best over the counter medication for roundworms. Drontal plus is also a prescription product and is used for the treatment of Tapeworms, though over the counter dewormers with praziquantel work well against tapeworms.
So the first step is to see what type of dewormer was used and ensure it covers tapeworms since it sounds like your pup does have tapeworms. You will want to be sure the environment is cleaned up thoroughly and the pup does not have fleas since fleas can transmit tapeworms if infected and ingested by the puppy. Then be sure you have the deworming repeated appropriately if it covered tapeworms. If it didn't, you will need to deworm with another dewormer that does cover tapeworms.
I hope this information is helpful to you and gives you the information you need to clear this up. I'm also want to tell you congratulations on your new puppy. If you need more information or clarification, please reply and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you are satisfied, please take the opportunity to rate.