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My dog has some kind of intestinal obstruction and is waiting

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My dog has some kind of intestinal obstruction and is waiting for surgery which will be in 3 days. What can I feed him while we wait? I don't want to keep putting food into him if it isn't coming out and cause something to rupture. The only bowel movements he is having are melena. I am currently giving him pureed turkey baby food with added water. Thank you
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Why is your vet waiting 3 days to do surgery?

Is he vomiting at all or trying to vomit?

Do you know what he might have eaten?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It is the weekend and Tues. is the soonest they can get him in. He has not vomited at any point. He had an ultrasound yesterday that showed a blockage but they couldn't tell if it was a tumor or foreign object. He is old, blind and deaf, so the odds are small that he ate something. Possibly a tumor. The internal specialist said my dog can make it til Tues, may be a partial blockage.



Thanks for the additional information Leah. I appreciate it. it makes more sense. Had it been an obstruction from something he may have eaten, I would be worried about waiting...but since it's possibly/likely a tumor, then it's a chronic issue that has been brewing for some time.

The best food to give him is going to be something bland and easy to digest. The baby food you're giving him fits that bill since it's mostly a semi-liquid diet. If he is looking like he's hungry even after eating the baby food, you can add some plain boiled white rice to the baby food. It's easy to digest and breaks down so well that it generally doesn't add any bulk to the feces.

And of course....if he's not willing to eat, then don't force it. As long as a dog continues to drink there's less worry. A dog can actually go several weeks without eating, but can only last 3-5 days if he stops drinking.

I hope this helps.
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