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catzanddogz, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  I am a Veterinarian and a pet owner. I have practiced cat and dog clinical medicine for over 25 years.
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my lab puppy has had a slight limp for ten days or so, then

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my lab puppy has had a slight limp for ten days or so, then yesterday could not put any weight on his foot at all. we have started hearing a click when he tries to move, he is sitting like a frog at the minute also. his left rear hip seems swollen and his tail at the top seems to have dropped slightly.

the strange thing is, we have had a proper good feel of his leg and hip and he isnt yelping or crying. desperatly worried it is this hip Dysplacia. Would this come on so suddenly though as he is only 6 months old. i really need advice as i have no pet insurance

Thank You

catzanddogz :

Hello, I am Dr. Andrea Russo and I will try to answer your questions about Roscoe. Is there any possibility that he sustained any recent trauma? Are you with him when he is outside? Did he jump out of the back of the truck or car and land hard? The symptoms you are describing do make me wonder if his hip is in place. It certainly is possible that he might have hip dysplasia or something else that has affected his hip area. Is he eating normally? Is he placing the leg down at all or doe he walk on three legs? I think he is going to have to be evaluated by a veterinarian who can palpate his hips and compare one to another. Ideally he would need x-rays but palpation alone can help us know if the hip is in the joint. If he has hip dysplasia he might need further treatment - at least an anti-inflammatory medication safe for puppies to take and perhaps starting on some joint vitamin supplements.


Hi there, thank you so much for your response.


Roscoes diet is normal still. he hasnt lost his appetite at all. We leave him during the day as we both work so he may well have done it while we are out as he has the run of the garden. For the last 24 hours he hasnt placed his foot down at all. As i say, the last week or so it has just been a slight limp so we thought he had just knocked it and would be ok eventually. He is a very engergetic dog and quite big for his age (everyone mentions his size for his age), he doesnt seem to be overweight but does seem quite stocky so i didnt know if it was due to his size compared with how old he is. I am just worried as like i say, he hasnt cried or yelped as we have inspected it. We put quite a bit of pressure on his hip last night and he didnt seem particularly bothered by it, but there is a ditinct clicking noise from it when he does try to walk

catzanddogz :

Because he is feeling well in general, eating well, active - I don't suspect an infection. Lyme Disease usually affects the front legs and carpal (wrist) joints. The swelling and reluctance to put it down does concern me - also that fact that it has persisted for the past 24 hours. He may need some rest (outside only to eliminate, no playing) and anti-inflammatory medication but I do recommend that he see a vet and have them look at and feel that swelling. I am hoping for the best.


ok we will have to take him after work today. Thank you so so much for your time and responding to me. Cant thank you enough, its just eased my worries ever so slightly, really very kind of you.

fingers crossed its not too serious,

thank you again

catzanddogz :

You are very welcome. My own dog, a 4 year old Newfoundland has Hip Dysplasia. She had discomfort as a puppy but is doing ok now. I know she will have problems again in the future. It wasn't too bad on her x-rays. She takes a nutritional joint supplement, Dasuquin, which is glucosamine and chondroitin daily as well as Welactin, a type of dog fish oil. I have to watch her weight and activity. I'll check back in with you later or tomorrow to see how things are going. Feel free to ask any additional questions you may have.

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