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My 9 week old Australian Cattle dog has white bumps on his

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My 9 week old Australian Cattle dog has white bumps on his inner ear, they are clearly bothering him as he holds the affected ear at "half mast" and is scratching at it. I have never seen this before...almost has a cauliflower look...any ideas?



I am sorry Chief is uncomfortable. These bumps can be one of several things, ranging from a reaction to a bug bite/sting, a wart like growth, skin infection, allergic response to topical irritants........or something else altogether.


Since the ear is uncomfortable, I definitely recommend having the vet check it out ASAP. He may become more uncomfortable before the bumps resolve. Because Chief is so young, the chances of these bumps being cancerous are pretty low. The cauliflower like appearance you describe makes me think they may be warts, but the only way to be sure is for your vet to take a look. The following link describes benign skin masses in dogs. Please note, your dog is pretty young to even have a benign growth, but it is possible. I am leaning more towards a reaction to something, but I include this information to be thorough (and because I may be wrong).


The following website gives information on canine viral papillomas, or warts. These growths are not typically found in the ears though I include the information to provide a picture of what wart like growths generally look like, and because it is not impossible for this kind of growth to appear inside the ear (though it is unusual).


Following is another link with some good pictures and general information on warts and papillomas, other non cancerous tumors.


Following is a link that talks about pyoderma, a skin infection. Because Chief is so young, this is a good possibility because puppies can be prone to "puppy pyoderma"


The main goal right now is to keep Chief comfortable until you can have him seen by his vet. There are not a lot of choices for safe, over the counter pain relief, especially for a puppy. If you feel that he is extremely uncomfortable, you can have him seen by an emergency vet (even if it's not a super emergency, a visit to the ER is justifiable when your baby is uncomfortable). If he cannot rest due to discomfort, is not eating, won't play, then you should definitely have him seen. Otherwise, he will likely be fine to see his vet sometime in the near future.


Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Good luck with your handsome man, I hope he feels better soon and that nothing too serious is going on in that ear.

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Hi Denise,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Chief. How is everything going?