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Our 10 year old Lab has extensive ulcerated soars around the

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Our 10 year old Lab has extensive ulcerated soars around the vulva. Early this year she was on antibiotics and they did not clear this up completely. A second course of antibiotics made her very sick and we had to stop, I thought she might die, she was breathing and panting so hard.

I put her on acidopholis(sp) and garlic (nature antibiotic) and she seemed not too bad for a while. Then it seemed to clearup and disappear.

Within the last two weeks it is back with a vengeance. She cries outloud if I try to touch that area ever so gentle.

She is fixed. As a pup she had a recurring bladder infection for a few months but since then she has been fine until this year.

Vet costs are horrible and for us unmanageable for the most part. We would like to do right by our dog but high vet bills are not an option.

Please help.
Hello and thank you for asking your question. My name isXXXXX will try to help.
Garlic destroys the red blood cells of pets so I would stop that.
Have you tried any topical treatment or over the counter medications?
What are you currently feeding her?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We feed her Nutrum for Large Dogs. At night she gets a milk bond cookie. Sometimes we give her meat leftovers from our dinner (small quantity).


She also takes Carprofen 75 mg 1 tab x 2 per day with food.


She also takes a 75 mg Ranitidine (acid reducer) 1 tab x 2 per day.


I will stop the garlic right away - thanks.

Thank you,
To give her some relief right now, I would mix over the counter neosporin and hydrocortisone cream. Mix it about 50:50. Apply it to her vulva. Apply it every few hours. It is not toxic if she licks it.
If she licks her vulva, the lesions will get worse and will not heal. You an buy a plastic elizabethan collar, to prevent licking, from a larger pet store like pet smart.
I would also give her benadryl, at a dose of 1 mg per pound of dog every 12 hours, to help with allergies and inflammation.

Has anyone addressed her allergies and how to control them? It really sounds like allergies to me.

Food allergies and environmental allergies would be at the top of the list.
Beef, chicken, lamb, corn, wheat, and soy are the most common food allergens. Food allergies develop over months to years.
To determine if she has food allergies, she would need to be put on a completely hypo-allergenic diet for 6 weeks. The name of the hypo-allergenic diet is "hills z/d." It is a prescription diet and you have to get it from a veterinarian. There are no over the counter completely hypo-allergenic diets. It is only about $10-$15 more a month so it is not that bad if it fixes the skin issue. If her skin improves, then you know it is food allergies.
She could also have environmental allergies. This is called "atopy" or "atopic dermatitis." The dog's skin comes in contact with the allergens and then they are absorbed into the skin causing an allergic reaction. Your vet can do a blood allergy test to see what she is allergic to. Then she could receive allergy shots to desensitize her to the allergens. The allergy shots are 50-75% effective. We also treat atopy symptomatically with antihistamines, shampoos, topical creams and sprays, cortisone, and immune suppressing medications.
I am also wondering if she is allergic to something her vulva comes in contact with. After she comes inside, I would clean her genial area with a sensitive skin baby wipe. This will remove any allergens.
I hope this helps.
If you have additional quesitons, please reply.
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Hi Ann,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Susie. How is everything going?

Dr. Gabby
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Susie is now on the Presc. Diet zd. I have taken her off the garlic capsules. I am giving her benedryl at night. We are applying Cortisone with Polysporin 3 times per day.


She cries when we apply the cream. I have not looked yet to see if she is improving. It is very hard to get a peek at that area. I will try tomorrow.


I feel better because we are doing things to help her and I thank you for that as well.


Could she possibly be allergic to Peanut Butter. I am thinking that might in the end be the culprit, but we will have to wait 6 weeks and see how she does with the new diet.


Thank you again for all your help.

I am glad you are working to find a cure.

I am sure you are very gentle when you apply the cream. Pretty soon she is going to realize that it will not hurt when you apply the cream.

Yes, she could be allergic to peanut butter.

Glad to help.

I hope she feels better.