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Dr. Gary
Dr. Gary, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  DVM, Emergency Veterinarian; BS (Physiology) Michigan State Univ
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Recently took in a dog that was a stray not too long ago. She

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Recently took in a dog that was a stray not too long ago. She seemed ok, playful & had a pretty good appetite. Over the past week though her appetite decreased & one eye has matted shut & the other appears to be doing the same. I have tried wiping her eyes with a warm & wet wash cloth but she doesn't like it too much. She also has slight diarrhea & seems to have gone to furr & bones pretty quickly.. will she be ok & what can I do to help her? Due to finances I don't have the money to take her to the vet but I'm hoping for some advice til I am able to.. I hate seeing her this way. :'(
Hello, I'm Dr Gary. I've been practicing veterinary medicine since 2007. I look forward to helping with your questions/ concerns.

I don't think you're going to be able to help her much from home. She really sounds like she needs veterinary care. The eyes sound like they may have ulcers causing the pain and discharge. The Diarrhea is likely more due to stress on the GI tract. The combination of diarrhea and lack of appetite will cause weight loss fairly rapidly.

The underlying cause may be infectious (virus, bacteria) or a uterine infection (Pyometra) or it may have all started with the eyes. If you are unable to get her to a vet, you may want to consider taking her to a humane society or SPCA or animal shelter. They will often have a vet on staff to determine what is going on and provide some care. If it's serious, they would probably euthanize, but if treatable then they can manage it.

If all you can do is over the counter meds and care, you can try the following:
1. Try to syringe some Pedialyte or Gatorade into her every 4 hours to help with her hydration
2. Use over the counter artificial tear drops in the eyes 3-4 times daily
3. Pick up some Pepcid AC (Famotidine) and give 10 mg 1-2 times daily to help settle her stomach.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

She still eats & her stool isn't runny but i have noticed her going to potty a lot more. I usually give her hard dog food but just recently started giving her canned food thinking maybe she just didn't like the hard food anymore. I've also been wanting to bathe her but was scared that with the colder weather & her eyes being the way they are, that that would only make things worse since she's an outside dog. If I bathe her shouldI just avoid the eye areas?

You can give her a bath- just make sure you use warm water and try to avoid her head and face with the water and shampoo.

I would also continue to feed canned food to help get more calories in her and to encourage her to keep eating.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I will do that, Dr. Gary & thank u so much for the advice til I can take her to the vet which I'm hoping to do next week.


Also, do you think this is could be contagious to other dogs or cats?

Sounds good, you're welcome.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry, I think I edited my reply a bit too late but do you think this could be contagious to other animals, such as other dogs or cats? Last question & thank you! :)

I don't think it's likely to be anything contagious to other animals, no.
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