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Dr. Gary
Dr. Gary, Dog Veterinarian
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Experience:  DVM, Emergency Veterinarian; BS (Physiology) Michigan State Univ
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I have a 10 year old male shetland sheepdog. About 4 months

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I have a 10 year old male shetland sheepdog. About 4 months ago we noticed he was becoming "distant", not sleeping well and getting up all hours of the night "talking". We were desperate for sleep and gave him one small tablet of benedryl a night. But it still got worse. We were unable to sleep at night and something must be really off with him and brought him to the vet. She put him on Hills B/d as well as selegiline hydr0chloride 10 mg once daily - basically he was getting old and having some minor senior moments.
He has always eaten well, drinks well and has no stool problems.
Over a month ago we noticed a very light "film" over his right eye and slight discharge out of his right nostril. Eyes looked good and pupils as well as the white - nice and white not irritated or red. This continued for another week when we brought him into the vet. Through a normal day after about 10 hours the film that coated his eye would work it's way down horizontally across his eye into a grayish white string and eventually to the lower lid and then to the inner corner of his eye where it would "goop" up. He also had a slight runny left nostril.
At the vet they numbed his eyes and looked for abbrasions under the lids as well as cchecking for scratches on the cornea - nothing. But she prescribed neopoly bac oint ever 12 hours. after 8 days no change. same discharge - absolutely no change. However he didnt appear as if he was in pain, but acted as if something was in his eye and would paw at it even if we removed the goob carefully. The upper eyelid would flutter as if he was someone bothered either by the ointment or something else.
We went back to the vet and they prrescribed a steroid 3 days ago 1 drop 2 times daily of neopolydex sups . Still no change in the eye. There is still no redness, no swelling no nothing. Eye just continues to film over lightly and same process happens through the day. My dog does have cataracts which he's had for years. This eye situation is altogether new. Also we told the vet the benedryl we give him at night to sleep a little has no affect on the eye or sinus as she thought perhaps he had allergies. However, she did concurr with me that allergies normally just afect one eye on one side and the same nostril. I am at a loss. I seem to be more upset and bothered by it then my dog, but I do pur warm moist compresses over his eye with sterile water and gauze pads hoping this makes him feel better.
(please note his eye looks perfectly normal in size and shape and no depressions or swelling or redness anywhere. )
Hello, I'm Dr Gary. I've been practicing veterinary medicine since 2007. I look forward to helping with your questions/ concerns.

This is kind of strange that there is no redness to the eye. I would have guessed you were dealing with Glaucoma or Uveitis (inflammation behind the cornea). Both of these conditions will typically cause some redness of the white part of the eye along with discharge and pain (squinting). I do think this is a painful eye, as you are seeing some squinting and excessive blinking with that eye.

I would have an ophthalmologist get a look at the eye. They have more specialized equipment to evaluate the chamber behind the cornea, the retina, the lens and even the space behind the eye. They will tell you if it's uveitis, glaucoma, a retinal detachment, retinal lesions or even a retro-bulbar abscess or tumor (abscess/ tumor behind the eye). They can look behind the eye with ultrasound. You can talk to your vet about who they refer to for ophthalmology. The exam is usually ~ 100 and they should be able to give you a diagnosis after that initial exam. The treatment will depend on what they find.

I agree with you that something is going on- you're not just being a paranoid mother.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Oh Dr Gary, thank you so much. I have always been paranoid about my dogs healths (i have 3 shelties). The Vet seemed to be in a quandry too, and I didnt even know about an opthmalolgist existed for animals. Never even occurred to me. My worst fear is that he could be in pain and I didnt even know it. I will contact my vet immediately tomorrow and see who she recommends we could take him too. I have been so upset about this I had nighmares about him losing his eye and being in pain. Can I give him something for the irritation - like baby asperin or tramadol (I have some for my dogs) until I can get into the vet tomorrow?

Yup, ophthalmologists exist and they do great work- just for dogs like this that we can't seem to diagnose in general practice.

You can give him Tramadol in the mean time. No Aspirin. You can give 1/4 - 1/2 of a 50 mg Tramadol every 6-12 hours as needed for pain.
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