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Lisa, I am considering adopting a border collie/husky

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I am considering adopting a border collie/husky mix from a local shelter, but I am concerned that the energy of the mix will not be suitable for an apartment. Any thoughts?

Thank You,


Hello and thank you for asking your question. My name isXXXXX will try to help.

I need a little more information please.

1. How old is the dog?

2. How was the energy level when you visited the dog in person?

3. How much exercise do you plan to give the dog each day? What will you do for exercise?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The ad and ensuing website does not list his age, although he appears to fully grown. I have not visited him yet because I don't want to get there just to disappoint him and those working at the shelter, as he is listed as an "urgent" adoption. I had 2 rescues die within 2 months of each other last June/August, ages 17 &15 and am finally ready for another dog. But I don't want to have him in a kennel 8 hours a day while I am at work (I am single) and have him be miserable, either. From what I've read online, the mix needs to have a big yard and I of douse live in an apartment, so I could only take him for long walks and play with him. I hope this helps.

I worked, as a vet, at the SPCA for three years. You will not disappoint him if you go and visit him. He will not know that you are thinking about adopting him. You will just be a person who came to visit him. I would ask the shelter staff about his energy level, and age, before you go there if you are concerned that you will go there and then feel bad if you do not adopt him. I suspect there are other dogs there as well you could meet if he is too energetic. You will need to see if you have "dogie chemistry" in person. I have learned you can not always go by breed. I think a collie would be fine for an apartment. A husky is bred to run so that breed would need exercise. I really think you need to meet him to decide. I have a 80 pound extremely energetic Doberman in a townhouse with no backyard. I take him all over town with me, I run him on my bike, and I bought a treadmill for rainy days. I think long walks, with some running, would be adequate exercise. Dogs get bored in backyards and often just go out there to go the bathroom and then they come back in.

I hope this helps.

If you have additional questions, please reply.


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